UCL Division of Medicine


Anti-Bullying and Anti-Harassment Campaign

We wish it to be known that we do not tolerate bullying and harassment in any way, shape or form, and we are actively trying to affect a culture change where bullying and harassment is called out and any perpetrator faces consequences, achieving a harassment- and bullying-free Division.

Unfortunately, sometimes you may find yourself in need of support because you have been subjected to or witnessed harmful or discriminatory behaviour such as harassment, bullying or sexual misconduct.
In the DoM , we take that very seriously. Below is the DoM reporting procedure:

DoM Procedure for Bullying

We fully support all those who come forward to report and recognise the personal and professional cost of being harassed.

To support our work in this, the department has pledged under the Zero Tolerance scheme run by UCLU and is trying to increase awareness of its existing policies on harassment, as well as encourage anyone to:

  1. step forward if they experience bullying or harassment
  2. speak up & report such behaviour. We particularly encourage senior staff to speak up and support their junior staff and students as there is an inherent power imbalance in academia. People experiencing bullying and harassment can feel too intimidated to self-report or fear for their career progression if they speak up. 

There are several points of contact for staff and students which are displayed on two different posters throughout the Division’s main buildings (the Rayne and the Royal Free Campus). You can also access the posters in picture form

(poster 1 download) 
(poster 2 download)

DoM Dignity Advisors

We hope that your senior colleagues and line managers can be your first point of contact. The Division has also appointed three dignity advisors hat you can talk to in confidence: 

You can also always contact the head of your department, the Divisional Managerthe Director of the Division, the Divisional HR staff, or the Athena SWAN team. But please don’t suffer in silence. 

Useful Resources

Full Stop Campaign

All these link to guidance on how to report sexual misconduct, including links to the Advice Service, UCL Human Resources, the Student Support and Wellbeing Team, the Metropolitan Police website and the Rape Crisis website.