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Postgraduate Research Programmes

The Faculty of Medical Sciences offers research degrees and doctoral training for talented students in each of our divisions and institutes. 

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Morgan describes how UCL's MSc Cancer inspired her research into CAR T-cell research in glioblastoma.

If you're interested in undertaking doctoral research at the Faculty of Medical Sciences, see our step-by-step guide to applying.

How to apply

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A member of staff examines a sample in the Cancer Institute labs

Opportunities with the Cancer Institute


Examining dental equipment at the Eastman Dental Institute

Opportunities with the Eastman Dental Institute

Infection & Immunity

Students and staff in lab coats using lab equipment

UCL's Division of Infection and Immunity

Medical Education

Medical equipment in the Cancer Institute labs

Opportunities with the UCL Medical School


Using a pipette in one of the Cancer Institute labs

Opportunities with the UCL Division of Medicine


Two people in protective equipment practise using surgical equipment in the Eastman Dental Institute

UCL's Division of Surgery and Interventional Science.

The PhD experience


Oz researches how the brain cleans itself via the glymphatic system. He is also a stand-up comedian and performer.

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Cancer Biology

Aśka sees free-climbing as a metaphor for approaching her research: on how cancer evades every attempt to cure it.

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Liver Disease

Chinese opera lover and liver disease scholar Jiawei says creativity helps her tackle problems no-one has yet overcome.

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