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Dean's Research Prize Winners

The Dean's Research awards celebrate the huge range of research carried out by undergraduates, postgraduates and PhD students across the faculty, with a range of presentations, posters, and prizes.

The event includes the Three Minute Thesis challenge (3MT®). The winner and runner-up progress to the UCL semi-final with the opportunity to progress to the UK National Vitae competition.

2023-24 Winners

Postgraduate Research Presentation

  • Judges’ Choice:  Emily Walsh (Division of Medicine) High Resolution Microscopy of Self-protection in the Immune Synapse
  • People’s Choice: Emma Lucie Alice Touizer (Division of Infection & Immunity) The Impact of B Cell Phenotypes in HIV Infection on Antibody Responses

3MT® Presentation

  • Judges’ Choice: Brittany Cucchiaro (Division of Medicine) Exploring Nutrition’s Vital Role in Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T-cell Therapy - Nourishing Success.
  • People’s Choice:  Rhyla Mae Santiago (Cancer Institute) Dormant Cell: Radiotherapy's Worst Nightmare

Postgraduate Taught Poster

  • Judges’ Choice: Urmi Shah (MSc Physical Therapy in Musculoskeletal Healthcare & Rehabilitation) Electromyography Biofeedback for People with Knee Osteoarthritis: A Systematic Review.
  • People’s Choice:  Sara Bin Shalhoub (MSc Musculoskeletal Science) Knowledge, Perceptions and Views of Occupational Therapists towards the use of Virtual Reality for the Management of Musculoskeletal Conditions: A Cross Sectional Survey

Undergraduate Poster

  • Judges’ Choice: Sanchit Aapan (BSc (Intercal) Medical Sciences with Mathematics, Computers and Medicine) Preoperatively Predicting the Likelihood of Complications following Meningioma Resection - A Machine Learning Analysis
  • People’s Choice: Diya Paras Shah (BSc [Intercal] Medical Sciences with Surgical Sciences)  Optimising Gelatin Methacrylate for Corneal Regeneration

2023-24 Dean's Research Prize Winners with Professor Tom Carlson (Vice-Dean Education)

2022 Winners

The 10th Dean's Research Prize took place online on Thursday 19 March 2022.

Dean's Research Prize 2022 online meeting
(See the 2022 event report)

For all categories, two prizes were awarded: a Judges' Award and a People's Choice award (by audience vote).

Postgraduate research

  • Judges' Choice: Thomas Fox (Division of Infection and Immunity). Towards Gene Therapy for CTLA4 Insufficiency.
  • People's Choice: Kalliopi Bokea (Division of Surgery and Interventional Science). Tumouroids versus xenografts, as platforms for the prediction of treatment response of patients with kidney cancer.


  • Judges' Choice: Kavina Shah (Division of Medicine). Coercing Cellular Cooperation into Conflct: a paradigm shift in treating autoimmune disease.
  • People's Choice: Fiona Verisqa (Eastman Dental Institute). The best of both worlds: Can we combine 3D printable materials for join regeneration?

Postgraduate taught

  • Judges' Choice: Roaa Al-Bedaery (Medical School). A realise evaluation of undergraduate medical teaching with remote consultations in primary care.
  • People's Choice: Iris Ee Jiun Liew (Eastman Dental Institute). Orthodontic YouTube videos made by patients for patients. What are they about and are they accurate?


  • Judges' Choice: Joseph Kettle (Cancer Institute). Single Centre Relevance of Predictive an Prognostic Biomarkers for Metastatic Urothelial Cancer.
  • People's Choice: Elsie Lucia Rodriguez Hernandez (Cancer Institute). Clinical and Molecular Characterisation of Early-Onset Colorectal Cancer Patients.

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2021 Winners

The 9th Dean's Research Prize took place online on Thursday 27 May 2021.

Four winners' presentations on screen in a grid layout(See the 2021 event report)

For all categories, two prizes were awarded: a Judges' Award and a People's Choice award (by audience vote).

Postgraduate research

  • Judges' Choice: Rishi Kumar Gupta (Division of Infection and Immunity). Precision Targeting of Preventative Therapy for Tuberculosis.
  • People's Choice: Christopher Wincup (Division of Medicine). Investigating Abnormal Iron Metabolism and Mitochondrial Dysfunction as a Novel Mechanism for Fatigue in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.


  • Judges' Choice: Eoin Dinneen (Division of Surgery and Interventional Science). Potent Stuff! Preserving Erections in Men Who Are Having Prostate Cancer Surgery.
  • People's Choice: Olivia Bracken (Division of Medicine). Lipid Mediators - A Drug Target for Autoimmunity?

Postgraduate taught

  • Judges' Choice: Lucie Rayner (MSc Performing Arts Medicine). Lumbar Flexicurve Apex Height Measurement: A New Spine Extension Screening Tool for Dancers.
  • People's Choice: Pinelopi Alexandropoulou (MSc Clinical and Public Health Nutrition). Inter-Individual Variability in Weight Loss Response to Dietary Interventions with Varying Macronutrient Distribution: A Systematic Review.


  • Judges' Choice: Niraj Doshi (iBSc Medical Sciences with Clinical Sciences). A Genome-Wide Association Study of Non-Alcohol Related Fatty Liver Disease in India: Is there a Divergence in the Genetic Risk Profile?
  • People's Choice: Abhinav Kumar (iBSc Medical Sciences with Oncology). Evaluating Potential Theranostic Agents that have an Application for Both Imaging and Radiosensitisation.

2020 Winners

The 8th Dean's Research Prize took place at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead on 6 February 2020.

(See the 2020 event report)


Natalie Edner

The winner of the Postgraduate Research Presentations Prize was Natalie Edner from the Division of Infection and Immunity.

She took the prize for her research into follicular helper T cells which can predict response to immunotherapy in type 1 diabetes.

Natalie Edner


Nekisa Zakeri

Nekisa Zakeri from the Division of Infection and Immunity took the 3MT® Prize.

Her winning three-minute presentation was on her research: 'The new cells on the block: removing the breaks for liver cancer therapy'.

Nekisa Zakeri


Yingqu Hou

Yingqu Hou from the Division of Medicine won the People’s Choice Award, voted for by the audience.

She engaged the listeners with a lively presentation on 'Pneumonia: Sticky Bacteria in Action'.

Yingqi Hou


Helena Perez Pena

Helena Perez Pena from the MSc Drug Design programme was presented with the Postgraduate Poster Prize.

Deans Research Prize


James Cai

James Cai from the iBSc Immunology, Infection and Cell Pathology won the Undergraduate Poster Prize.

Dean's Research Prize

2019 Winners

The 7th annual Dean’s Research Prize Event took place on Thursday 14 February 2019.

Postgraduate research

Lina Carmona Echeverria, Division of Surgical & Interventional Science. Objective assessment of the aggressive prostate cancer burden in PROMIS using digital pathology.



Gianpolo Manalastas, Medical School. How doctors use language to control the consultation structure.


Rikah Louie, Division of Medicine. Macrophage-IRF8 deficiency protects against Atherosclerosis.

Postgraduate taught

Yuyan Duan, MRes Human Tissue Repair. The role of liver-resident natural killer cells in repair and regenerations.


Vittoria Stefanello, BSc Applied Medical Sciences. The Effects of Radiotherapy and Nanoparticles on 3D Cancer Models.


A selection of images from the 2020 Dean's Research Prize event held at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead. It celebrated the success of students' research across the faculty, with a range of presentations, posters, and prizes.