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UCL Medical School and The Kingdom University of Health Sciences celebrate partnership milestone

23 October 2023

The groundbreaking ceremony, which took place in Amman, Jordan, marked a major milestone moment in the multi-year partnership project to build a new state-of-the-art university, university hospital and research centre.

Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and Minister of State for Public Sector Modernization, Nasser Shraideh lays foundation stone for the Kingdom Health project

Deputising for the Prime Minister of Jordan, Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and Minister of State for Public Sector Modernisation, Nasser Shraideh laid the foundation stone for the Kingdom Health project. 

Ministers, high-ranking officials, and the ambassadors of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom convened to celebrate the start of construction works on a new $400-million investment project; the first in the healthcare sector by the Saudi Jordanian Investment Company (SJIC). UCL Medical School (UCLMS) were delighted to attend in support of the project, having worked with the Kingdom University of Health Sciences (KU) since 2022, UCLMS will continue to provide support in the establishment of the new university and undergraduate medicine programme during a 10-year project. 

The build will comprise of a state-of-the-art new University, general University hospital and research centre.  The project’s built-up area is estimated at 110,000 square meters and is expected to create hundreds of job opportunities in various scientific and medical fields. 

Architectural visualization of the new Kingdom Health campus by Dar situated in a protected reserve of oak trees, Jordan's national tree and a symbol of strength, knowledge, wisdom, protection, and healing.  

In his speech during the ceremony, SJIC Chairman Abdulmajeed A. Al-Hagbani said: “We’re delighted that we laid the foundation stone for the Kingdom Health project today, which is an impactful investment that aims to enhance the position of Jordan and the region in the scientific and medical fields. We value the efforts of the Jordanian government in providing support and facilitating the implementation of the Kingdom Health”, adding “the company will follow a thorough plan to implement the project with the highest levels of quality.”

UCLMS and The Kingdom University of Health Sciences (KU) have been working in partnership to support the KU mission to build a world-class system underpinned by cutting-edge healthcare, education and research, transforming healthcare quality across Jordan and the region. KU will introduce a new education programme co-designed and co-developed with UCLMS to educate and inspire a future generation of outstanding medical and clinical care leaders and professionals. The arrival of the new institution will directly benefit the livelihood of Jordanians and play a pivotal role in improving the quality of healthcare across Jordan and the surrounding region, while also tackling the health problems of our world. 

The healthcare project comprises the Kingdom University of Health Sciences (KU), a university with a total capacity for 600 students and an annual intake of 100 students – and the Kingdom University Hospital (KUH), a 330-bed hospital with 72 outpatient clinics and a dedicated children’s hospital. The project will also include five medical centres of excellence, focused on providing expertise around the most common and fastest-growing non-communicable diseases in Jordan and the wider region, including cardiology, oncology, neurology, gastroenterology, and orthopedics. The venture will also have a focus on driving advanced medical research through establishing four research centres in the fields of genomics and precision medicine, stem cells and regenerative medicine, health systems and public health, and bioinformatics. 7.5% of the hospital’s revenues will be dedicated to scientific research and development.
UCLA Health are also working in collaboration with The Kingdom University Hospital, as their clinical partner, providing support in the establishment of the new hospital. 

The CEO of Kingdom Health, Dr. Mahmoud Sarhan speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Kingdom Health project in Amman, October 2023.

The CEO of Kingdom Health, Dr. Mahmoud Sarhan, said: “This new scientific and medical landmark will provide high-quality healthcare services and medical education following the highest international standards, under its mission to become a leading centre in the region that will contribute to boosting the quality of healthcare and scientific research on a regional level”.

At the event, Professor Ahmed Rashid, Vice-Dean International (Faculty of Medical Sciences), Head of Centre (UCL Centre for International Medical Education Collaborations) and Project Lead for the UCLMS-KU Partnership, said: “It’s an honour to be here to celebrate this important milestone with our partners at The Kingdom University of Health Sciences. Their new university and teaching hospital will transform medical education and research in Jordan and we are delighted to be supporting them to achieve their ambitious goals.”

The expansive, long-term partnership between KU and UCLMS will combine the world-renowned research, expertise and teaching approach from UCL - consistently ranked as a one of the world's top 10 universities, with leading educators and scientists from Jordan and the region, to direct and shape the new health sciences university. This will include the development of curriculums, structures, strategies and practices, and exchanges of faculty, helping to define the ambition, vision and culture of the new institution. 

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