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Student testimonial - Savannah-Rose Preudhomme

Savannah-Rose enjoyed working with doctors and patients on novel treatments for respiratory illnesses and embracing the translational approach of the MSc Respiratory Clinical Science.

Savannah-Rose Preudhomme

5 February 2024

Studying the MSc Respiratory Clinical Science at UCL was one of the best decisions that I have made.

The course was exciting. It offered a range of taught subjects in respiratory medicine from the cellular pathology to the disease processes.

I was fortunate to have been taught by leading experts in the respiratory field which ensured that the delivery and content was second to none. 

My choice of dissertation provided me with the opportunity to work closely with doctors and patients to explore a novel therapy for breathlessness, which in turn enabled my contribution to research. 

This hands-on approach proved an effective way to ensure that I had made the correct career choice.

My favourite part of the course was to perform lung function tests on my fellow peers. Not only was this fun, it was also a steep learning curve and a brilliant experience which helped pave the way to my career as a respiratory clinical scientist.

Savannah-Rose Preudhomme, MSc Respiratory Clinical Science, 2023

Graphic of a healthy lung and a sick lung

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