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Student testimonial - Zunaid Alli

Zunaid found the flexibility of the MS Aesthetics (Minimally Invasive Aesthetics) very enjoyable and believes the course has "catapulted" his skills in minimally-invasive aesthetics to another level.

Zunaid Alli, MS Aesthetics graduate

17 November 2023

I started doing the course because I wanted to develop my skill in minimally invasive aesthetics, which I already do.

I chose UCL because the course was incredibly comprehensive, with exceptional faculty, lots of hands-on teaching and training and a very good, sound research background to the degree. 

What I enjoyed most about the course was the ability to work at your own pace. The deadlines that were given for assignments and tasks and even the research project were quite wide apart so you could still maintain a living - you could still have your day job while studying essentially full-time.

It was quite flexible - the lecture times were set but we had a lot of access to resources afterwards, so it made learning quite flexible for me which I really enjoyed.

It certainly given me a lot more skill in terms of performing minimally invasive aesthetics procedures. I teach and I train already, and it certainly helped to just catapult me that level higher.

Clinical Research in aesthetic medicine is probably where I think I would go in the short term. In the long term perhaps a PhD. I’m not entirely sure but it does look very interesting and very exciting at this point. 

If you're thinking of studying the MS Aesthetics (Minimally-invasive Aesthetics) course at UCL, you just have to have a very good plan, you have to have very good time management. I think that is the important part and the challenging part is having the time management skills to find enough time for your family life, your work-life balance and of course to study on the course.

I would say if you have those few hours with flexibility in between then you should certainly consider this course.

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