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Student testimonial - Gertrude Huss

Gertrude from Jersey returned to study with us after a positive previous experience. She sought a professional qualification, the MS Aesthetics, to make a mark in a low-regulation aesthetics industry.

Gertrude Huss, MS Aesthetics graduate

17 November 2023

I had already done a previous postgraduate qualification with the Eastman Dental Institute, and I know UCL's reputation is so highly rated and regarded and that’s why I enrolled for UCL again.

I'm a very practical person, so the hands-on aspect was amazing, especially the cadaver dissections, putting all the knowledge we've learned together with hands-on experience.

I'm fortunate enough that I've already been doing Aesthetics for over 20 years, but this gave me the opportunity to achieve a professional qualification in an industry that's very unregulated.

So for me, it was about setting a standard and meeting my own goals and inspirations and I hope I've raised the bar for everyone else.

To study this MS Aesthetics (Minimally-invasive Aesthetics) course gives you a great opportunity and teaches you not just what to think but how to think.

It gives you a background in research and there's also the great hands-on opportunity.

So, both from an academic and a practical point, this is really worth your while and it's great for your career.

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