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Student testimonial - Joe McDowell

Joe McDowell, who graduated from the MRes Experimental and Translational Immunology in 2022, says it was a "really formative experience".

Joe McDowell, 2022 graduate

1 November 2022

The Experimental and Translational Immunology course at UCL was a really formative experience for me.

Through undertaking a 9-month research project, focusing on CRISPR gene editing, I became confident performing various wet lab techniques and testing my own hypotheses.

With such extended periods of practical work, I was able to produce data that thoroughly answered my research questions in a similar manner to PhD students. I found members of my laboratory and course organisers very supportive, and I got the impression they had my best interests at heart.

As someone who took biomedical sciences as my undergraduate degree, I found the Fundamental and Applied Immunology module extremely helpful. 

The lecture series was delivered by world class academics who love their subject and as such the material was very engaging. Overall, the module provided the background information necessary for understanding the research of both my own lab and others within the IIT. 

The Research Skills and Data Interpretation module was equally useful. I was able to apply theory taught in workshops, such as the rationale for choosing certain statistical tests, to real data during my project. 

By participating in journal clubs, I developed the ability to critically analyse primary literature - an essential skill for a career in research. 

I would wholeheartedly recommend the Experimental and Translational Immunology course to anyone looking to do a PhD or another lab-based role within academic research.

Joe McDowell, MRes Experimental & Translational Immunology, 2022

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