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Student testimonial - Sophie North

Sophie North found an advantage from the limitations imposed by the pandemic, and conducted some computational research for her MSc that has sparked a PhD project.

Sophie North, MSc Infection and Immunity graduate

1 November 2021

I applied to the MSc Infection & Immunity because I wanted to learn more about the battle between pathogens and their hosts.

I was very impressed with both the quality of the content and the overall organisation of the course, especially in the light of COVID uncertainties.

Course directors, administrators, supervisors, and lecturers have all been supportive, helpful, and approachable. Ultimately, I found my skillset was boosted in many ways, including absorbing journal papers much more effectively and presenting my work concisely.

I selected optional modules mainly based on the themes of viruses, evolution, and epidemiology, and found these all to be varied and interesting.

I enjoyed the numerous opportunities to explore my own interests in essays and exams, rather than having to follow a strict brief each time.

It was a shame to miss out on the practical laboratory work due to the pandemic. However, for me, this presented a great opportunity to complete a computational research project.

This sparked such an interest that I am now pursuing a PhD in computational disease modelling.

Overall, I would not hesitate in recommending this course to anyone interested!

Sophie North, MSc Infection and Immunity, 2021

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