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Student testimonial - Ramy Alesi Slama

Ramy Alesi Slama found that the MSc Infection and Immunity hugely supported his learning despite the difficulties posed by the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions.

Ramy Alesi Slama

1 December 2021

I chose the MSc Infection and Immunity to gain more in-depth knowledge and experience in various areas of Iimmunology.

The course delivered and exceeded my expectations. I was able to learn a great deal in the fields of cancer immunology, autoimmune diseases and immune deficiencies.

Lectures were delivered by leading experts, passionate about their work and most willing to interact and discuss with students.

Most importantly, the programme staff genuinely cared about our success and wellbeing and played an integral part in ensuring the high quality of the MSc.

Due to the pandemic restrictions, I undertook a remote primary data analysis project on CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing.

Whilst ideally, I would have conducted this in the laboratory, my project supervisors and the lab team were understanding and supportive, helping me become well versed on the topic.

By the end of the MSc, I gained confidence in undertaking scientific research, gained widely applicable practical skills, became even more enthusiastic about the field, and built a valuable network.

I am very happy with my choice and highly recommend this MSc.

Ramy Alesi Slama, MSc Infection and Immunity, 2021

Gloved hand holding a petri dish containing cultures

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