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Student testimonial - Matylda Buczkowska

Matylda enjoyed the variety offered by the BSc Nutrition and Medical Science degree, which has opened career opportunities that she had never considered before studying at UCL.

Matylda Buczkowska

1 November 2020

I chose a nutrition and medical sciences degree as I have always been interested in the food industry. As a keen athlete, I wanted to understand human metabolism better and learn how to create balanced diet plans.

The greatest aspect of the course was the very personal approach towards each student and close contact with all the lecturers. Our cohort was small, so everyone received a lot of time and attention, and it was very easy to reach out for help.

I also loved how diverse the course was, and how the variety of modules allowed me to explore different aspects of nutrition in greater depth. After completing modules such as Sport Nutrition, Cancer Nutrition, Medical Statistics or Behavioural Nutrition, I really felt that my knowledge of nutrition became more well-rounded.

The course also made me gain a new perspective towards my career. Next year, I am going to study MSc Epidemiology. In the future, I hope to work in a Public Health sector as a nutritional epigenetics researcher. This is a career path I would never have considered before completing my degree!

The BSc Nutrition and Medical Sciences course offers many other great career opportunities in fields related to nutrition such as working for NHS, NGOs, industry, or research institutions.

Overall, I really enjoyed the course and I highly recommend it to anyone who is passionate about medical and biological sciences and is excited to explore nutrition from many diverse angles!

Matylda Buczkowska, BSc Nutrition and Medical Sciences, 2020

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