UCL Medical School


Case Studies

Umm Al-Qura University (UQU), Saudi Arabia

MSEC is currently engaged in a 5 year partnership with UQU in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

MSEC is supporting and guiding UQU to redevelop its existing undergraduate MBBS curriculum. Experts in Assessment, Curriculum Design, Faculty Development and Quality Assurance are working with UQU specialists to construct an integrated undergraduate education program which is relevant to the unique and diverse healthcare needs in Mecca and the local region.

Development activities have taken place in both Mecca and London.

Ministry of Health, Republic of Kazakhstan

MSEC has worked with the Ministry of Health to develop curricula for undergraduate, residency, masters and doctorate programs. Our collaboration involved MSEC academic consultants twice visiting Astana, Kazakhstan. Our specialists worked in partnership with leaders in healthcare education, understanding existing programs and running faculty development seminars.

The project was completed in September 2015 and resulted in the delivery of new curriculum proposals to the Ministry of Health

Ningbo University, China

MSEC has a longstanding relationship with Ningbo University, which involves the delivery of a number of in-depth faculty development programmes. Each cohort includes 16 doctors. These participants attend a range of teaching and learning sessions at UCL, clinical observation placements in London hospitals and are based in London during this 12 week programme. The training MSEC delivers including curriculum development, assessment, teaching techniques, course management and developing medical English (spoken and written).

The programme includes a mentoring support element. This provides an opportunity for regular progress reviews and gives participants access to a supportive individual during the programme.

Participants have the opportunity to observe UCL medical students in various types of learning sessions and have regular opportunities to interact with them. During clinical attachments, which are matched to the doctor’s own specialty, participants are encouraged to build professional networks and learn from leaders in their fields at our world-class partner teaching hospitals.

Ningbo University Testimonial

‘We are honoured to establish a partnership with UCLMS, a world-class medical school.

UCL MSEC formulated a tailored training plan for us, which completely sufficed our need. The hard working and thoughtful arrangements of professional, effective and helpful staff ensures the quality of this training program.

Up to now, 71 doctors have been trained in UCL and around 40 are on waiting list. According to the doctors’ feedback, this program is beyond satisfaction, much better than other training programs they have ever had’.

Ningbo Medical School Vice-Dean Professor Leiting Xu

Eastman Dental Institute

EDI and MSEC worked together to produce a tailored 1 day ‘Training to Teach’ programme based on the specific needs of postgraduate dentistry trainees. The programme is rooted in the UCL ‘Training to Teach’ programme that was established in 1996.

MSEC specialists liaised with senior EDI staff and trainees to develop this course.

Feedback from the participant trainees was universally positive, with learners valuing the opportunity to understand better the principles of teaching in a clinical setting.