UCL Medical School


Top Teacher and Administrators 2017-18

Year 1 Winners

Circulation and Breathing

Dr Ian Edwards (UCL, Division of Biosciences)

Dr Robert Stephens (UCL, Division of Surgery & Interventional Science/UCLH)

Foundations of Health and Medical Practice

Dr Greg Campbell (UCL, Division of Biosciences)

Dr Nicholas Herodotou (Luton & Dunstable)

Dr Wai Keong Wong (UCLH)

Fluids, Nutrition and Metabolism

Dr Joanne Marks (UCL, Division of Biosciences)

Infection and Defence

Dr Indran Balakrishnan (Royal Free)

Prof. Benny Chain (UCL, Division of Infection & Immunity)

Prof. Kate Ward (UCL, Division of Infection & Immunity)

Year 2 Winners

Endocrine Systems and Reproduction

Dr Pam Houston (UCL, Division of Biosciences)

Movement and Musculoskeletal Biology

Dr Sandra Martelli (UCL, Division of Biosciences)

Neuroscience and Behaviour

Prof. Christopher Yeo (UCL, Division of Biosciences)

Year 4 Winners


Dr Ben Lovell (UCLH)

Module A

Dr Anna Gerratt (Whittington)

Prof. Joanna Porter (UCLH)

Module B

Dr Jessica Manson (UCLH)

Prof. Anisur Rahman (UCLH)

Module C

Dr Bernard Davis (Whittington)

Dr Stephanie Harris (Royal Free)

Year 5 Winners

Module B

Dr Jonathan Cartledge (Mortimer Market, CNWL)

Dr Jayne Kavanagh (UCL, Faculty of Medical Sciences)

Module C

Dr Mira Deshmukh (Royal Free)

Dr Johnny Swart (Whittington)

Year 6 Winners

Dr Samantha Maloney (Barnet)

Dr Kanika Sharma (UCLMS/North Middlesex)

Dr Helen Wagstaff (Luton & Dunstable)

Dr Sagen Zac-Varghese (Lister)

SSC Winners

Year 1 SSCs 

Mr Clive Mason (UCL, Faculty of Brain Sciences)

Clinical & Professional Practice Winners

Ms Amanda Band (Whittington)

Mr Subash Jayakumar (Whittington)

Mr Khalil Rawat (Bloomsbury)

GP Winners

Dr Robert Moore (Amwell Group Practice)

Top Administrators Awards

Ms Donna Basire (UCLH)

Miss Tereze Bogdanova (Royal Free)

Ms Susan Gill (Luton & Dunstable)

Ms April Hall (Lister)

Mr Andy Houghton (UCLMS)

Mrs Zoe Lau (Royal Free)

Ms Alexandria Paice (Watford)

Ms Julie Smith (Basildon)

Miss Sarah Smith (Royal Free)

Miss Tor Wright (UCLMS)