UCL Medical School



Top Teacher 2021-22 Winners:

We are delighted to announce the Top Teacher and Top Admin Awards for 2021-22.
A huge thank you to all those that nominated staff - there were over 1100 submissions for the Top Teacher awards alone! With so many nominations we have broken down the awards by years and want to say congratulations to all those that have won.

Year 1:

  • Winner: Benny Chain
  • Runners Up: Ian Edwards, Pam Houston and Ryan Felice

Year 2:

  • Winner: Laura Porro
  • Runners Up: Pam Houston, Sandra Martelli and Chris Yeo 

Year 3:

  • Winner: Melissa Whitten
  • Runners Up: Richard Milne, Benny Chain and Jonathan Derrick

Year 4:

  • Winner: Natalia Gibbery
  • Runners Up: Prasheena Naran, Akish Luintel and Rebabonye Pharithi

Year 5:

  • Winner: Jonathan Cartledge
  • Runners Up: Nadim Kadem, Idan Bokoboza and Pratik Shah

Year 6:

  • Winner: Stephanie Smith
  • Runners Up: Will Topping, Natalia Sanchez-Thompson, Isabel O'Shea and Lucy Mealey

SSC Winners

  • Winner: Sara Thompson
  • Runners Up: Clare Elliott, Clive Mason and Christiano Turbil

Clinical & Professional Practice Winners

  • Winners: Subash Jayakumar and Tina Nyazika
  • Runners Up: Margaret Lloyd and Pasquale Berlingieri.


Top Administrators Awards 2021-22

Year 1: 

  • Winner - Andy Houghton (UCL Medical School)
  • Runner Up - Kasia Janik (Division of Biosciences)

Year 2: 

  • Winner - Polly Thompson (Division of Biosciences)

Year 3: 

  • Winner - Heather Ormsby (Division of Infection and Immunity)

Year 4: 

  • Winner - Susan Bariotakis (Division of Surgery and Interventional Science)

Year 5: 

  • Winner - Tadiwa Mutongwizo (Institute of Child Health)

Special Mention

  • Fiona Rose-Clarke - Fiona had multiple mentions across different years!