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An exhibition of commissioned portraits, celebrating our vibrant community of alumni and students

This portrait collection of alumni and students aims to represent UCL Medical School and the variety of personalities, interests and journeys that make us the vibrant community we are today.

Our students were nominated by peers and staff who felt inspired by them. The responses illustrate the huge range of backgrounds, imaginations and ambitions that make up our student body. Our alumni were selected for their ‘curious careers’. They spark students’ passion for exploring the great variety of paths to travel in medicine, beyond simply the multitude of specialities.

Two themes run through this series: clothing and location. Each person is wearing a white article of clothing as a nod to the white coat, and the location  is each person’s favourite place around the campus. 

UCL has always welcomed those who think differently, who are unafraid of disrupting the norm and creating new paths. Our long history of brave thinking is our greatest strength and we hope that all students: past, present and future, can identify themselves in some of these faces and feel a sense of belonging through this collection of portraits.

We are strong in our diversity, we are proud in our history and we are leaders of our future!

Dr Kwame Asante

Profile: Dr Kwame Asante

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Tafsir Ahmed

Profle: Tafsir Ahmed

Hear more about one of our student stars in this in-depth profile

This collection was funded by the kind generosity of Sir Michael and Lady Morven Heller. The Heller Bursary supports medical students to pursue their interests in arts and humanities, aiming to benefit wellbeing and provide a more rounded experience of university life.

Our photographer, Apoorva Kanojia, was a medical student who was selected for her photography experience gained through a course funded by the Heller Bursary.

Exhibition design @ UCL Digital Media, 2020

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