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LGBTQ+ Medics Network

LGBTQ+ Medics Network

The LGBTQ+ Medics Network is a society created by UCL medical students to provide support, community, and social events for LGBTQ+ students. We host regular events, with LGBTQ+ staff members and allies attending alongside the network members, creating a sense of belonging for everyone who comes along and ensuring no one feels alone.

Coming to university as someone who identifies as LGBTQ+ can be daunting. Their experiences in the early days of first year can shape the rest of their five or six years at UCL Medical School. We welcome students into a community, providing a space where people can explore and embrace their authentic selves. We also recognise that going through university as an LGBTQ+ student has its challenges, and so with the help of our amazing welfare officer, we offer support either through the network or by signposting people to relevant services when needed.

By simply existing, the LGBTQ+ Medics Network challenges hetero and cisnormativity. Visibility is vital for the LGBTQ+ community and we promote an environment of acceptance and inclusivity by advertising our network loudly and proudly. We believe this is the first step in making every LGBTQ+ member of the medical school feel welcome, valid and accepted.

We run regular socials, including multiple welcome events for freshers; welfare events; craft mornings; and our famous bingo night! Everyone is welcome, allies included, and we make sure to run regular alcohol free events so there are events for everyone. 

Our members are fun, friendly and an integral part of the medical school. By creating an environment where people feel able to embrace their identities and places in society, we encourage people to bring their own unique talents and skills to medicine, creating a diverse and proud generation of doctors who ensure no future patient feels left behind by modern medicine. Our presence is vital in shaping the doctors of tomorrow, by ensuring every LGBTQ+ medical student of today is welcomed into our ever-growing community.

Please feel free to get in contact with us by email: ucl.lgbtqmedics@gmail.com, or on Instagram @ucl.lgbtqmedicsnetwork. We would love to hear from you! 

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