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Faith and Religion

Religion and faith can be an important part of the identity of not only students within the RUMS community and UCLMS staff, but also patients and NHS staff.

The EDI faith group was created out of a desire to represent, promote and include the needs of students and staff of faith. Addressing these needs is vital in creating an environment where students and staff of all faiths and religions feel welcomed and respected.  

Unfortunately, faith-based discrimination is a problem within the NHS. However, we have the opportunity and responsibility to ensure that UCL medical school staff and its students are part of the solution.

We believe that we have a duty towards patients and towards our colleagues to foster an environment of inclusion within the NHS, as this is where most of us will spend the majority of our working lives within UCLMS and beyond. Students and staff should not have to choose between faith and career, but instead should be able to practice the two hand in hand.  

Having an awareness of patients' religious and spiritual background is incredibly important to developing a good physician-patient relationship, which is necessary to improving patient care. We will work to address issues including faith-based discrimination in the workplace and to inform and guide the creation of a curriculum where religion as a component of patient and student identity is respected. 

We very much welcome new members to this subgroup. If you would like any further information, please contact subgroup lead Menna Yakoub

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