UCL Mathematical & Physical Sciences


MAPS Spotlight - archive

This page contains an archive of the 'Spotlight' feature from the MAPS Faculty Focus newsletter


June - Dr Frances Cooper (Earth Sciences)
May - Martyn Towner (Chemistry)
April - Dr Louisa Preston (MSSL)
March - Chris Gallagher (Faculty)
February - Dr Prospero Taroni-Junior (IMD)
January - Dr Rozana Himaz (IRDR)


December - Professor Christian Boehmer (Maths)
November - Francesca Scott (Faculty)
October - Elise Polley (Faculty)
September - Professor Jack Stilgoe (STS)
August - Dr Terry Soo (Statistical Science)
July - Dr Nikoleta Kalaydzhieva (Maths)
June - Professor Ana Ferreira (Earth Sciences)
May - Professor Vijay Chudasama (Chemistry)
April - Professor Sarah Matthews (MSSL)
March - Nicholas Achilleos (Physics & Astronomy/EDI)
February - Sara Bunting (OVPA/Faculty)
January - Dr Mojtaba Abdi Jalebi (IMD)


December - Steve Etienne (LCN)
November - Dr Saheli Datta Burton (STS)
October - Welcome from the Dean
September - Dr Omar Rivasplata (IMSS/Statistical Science)
August - Dr Elizabeth De-Ben Rockson (DISI Centre)
July - Amanda Gallant (Faculty)
June - Dr Ziri Younsi (MSSL)
May - Dr Maria Mediero (Faculty)
April - Dr Gianluca Pescaroli (IRDR)
March - Freya Roberts (UCL Climate Action Unit)
February - Dr Richard Osborne (Faculty)
January - Dr Emma Liu (Earth Sciences)


December - Ethne James-Souch (Faculty)
November - Dr Mohammad Shamsudduha (IRDR)
October - Welcome from the Dean
September - Cindy Li (Faculty)
July - Dr Nathan Green (Statistics)
June - Abbie Bray (Physics/WiP)
May - Lauren Gillett (Faculty)
April - Myles Harris (IRDR Space Health Risks Research Group)
March - Sarah Clarke (Research Services)
February - Dr Sebastian Groh (Earth Sciences)
January - Patty Kostkova (IRDR/dPHE)


December - Erin Manning (i-sense)
November - Luciano Rila (Maths / LGBTQ+ STEM Network)
October - Giuseppe La Rosa (STS)
September - Candice Keane (Faculty/Enterprise)
August - Carla Figueira de Morisson Faria (Physics/UCLQ/AMOPP)
July - Elinor Jones (Statistics)
June - Henry Bennie (UCLQuantum)
May - Sophia MacBlain (Faculty Office)
April - Coronavirus update from the Dean
March - Gaetana Laricchia (Physics)
February - Emma Tobin (STS)
January - Jon Butterworth (Physics)


December - Ewa Czekanska (Faculty)
November - Gianluca Baio (Statistics)
October - Hao Ni (Maths)
September - Alexandra Olaya-Castro (Faculty)
August - Nick Ovendon (Faculty)
July - Andrew Thomson (Earth Sciences)
June - Zak Liddell (Faculty)
May - John Bowles (Earth Sciences)
April - Angelos Michaelides (Chemistry)
March - Paul Upchurch (Earth Sciences)
February - Helen Wilson (Maths)
January - Raman Prinja (Physics)


December - Christmas Message from the Dean
November - Georgia Pitts (Public Engagement)
October - Lauren Stevens (HR)
September - Marina Fuentes (Faculty)
August - Andrew Coates (MSSL)
July - Emma Baxter (Public Policy)
June - Phil Hayes (Chemistry)
May - Paul Bown (MSSL)
April - Dimitra G Stamogiannou (MSSL)
March - Alwin Davies (Chemistry)
February - Nikki Baxter (Faculty)
January - Prof. Sally Price (Chemistry)


December - Rafael Pietro (Maths)
November - Staff Survey
October - Andrew Fazakerley (MSSL)
September - Tania Monteiro (Physics)