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EDI Funding Opportunities

We have concluded the MAPS EDI Funding Call “Take bold action for inclusion.” The aim is to provide support to EDI initiatives that focus on developing or strengthening inclusive environments.

The MAPS EDI Strategic Plan for 2023 - 2027 aims to improve our study, research, teaching, and overall work environments, such that every student and staff member in the faculty can develop a sense of belonging and feel encouraged and supported to develop their full potential.

Funding EDI
Current funded projects include:

- Tohoku University Disaster Risk Field Trip/Internship
- Women in Number Theory and Geometry (WINGs) Conference 2024
- Orbyts: Research and Mentorship in Schools 
- WINDSMATH Seminar series: Enhancing Impact and Visibility of Women in Mathematics and Data Science
- Exploring inclusive education in the natural sciences, a collaboration between Global South and Global North
- Safe, inclusive and enjoyable fieldwork for all
- WIN: Women in Nano
- Automatic anonymisation of PhD application forms from Portico – follow-on study
- Muslim Women In STEM Union (MWISU)