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BAME Awarding Gap Projects

The UCL BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) Awarding gap has shown a disparity in the number of First Class degrees awarded to BAME students.

BAME Awarding Gap in MAPS

The MAPS Faculty are taking a number of actions to tackle this inequality covering two main themes:

Student Success & Partnership:

We have contracted UMO to run a project here in MAPS, providing targeted coaching for BAME students to give:

  • An opportunity for students to meet a specialist mentor who identifies from a BAME background to discuss difficulties in confidence.
  • Insight into identified barriers and issues impacting BAME students’ studies.
  • Students a space to develop strategies to tackle obstacle blocking their success.

Students register here for UCL Coaching for Success

We understand well the factors at play that can affect an individual and their sense of wellbeing during their university career.

Complete this confidential form with as much detail as possible as this will help with assigning you to a Coaching Group:

Not only will this project help support individual students succeed, but UMO will also provide information to the Faculty on the type of barriers and issues our BAME students are experiencing.

In addition to coaching, the Faculty are funding an additional 20 student education related internships focussing on development of a fully inclusive curriculum. We also know that beyond formal schemes offered by funding bodies and professional societies, summer research studentship / internship positions are difficult to find and often achieved through word of mouth, shoulder-tapping and old-boys networks. The Faculty is working with Careers and Departments to provide a transparent and fair opportunity for all students to apply for opportunities on an even footing. 

Assessment & Teaching

An in-depth analysis of core programme module results from the last 5yrs has been completed. Using this information to determine where gaps in attainment for BAME and white students occur, Departments with the support of Faculty are exploring barriers at a micro-level. 

To ensure all students have equal support for exam preparation, during 2021/22 we will provide principles on access to past papers and answers and expected level of formative feedback support students should expect for modules with significant exam component. 

There is good evidence that peer to peer learning helps attainment. We are investigating how best to implement this within MAPS. We plan to support departments in piloting peer study / peer assisted learning groups.