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Strategy & Projects

Our strategy addresses education design, delivery and assessment, while ensuring equality of opportunity for all students in the faculty. We aim to work together to develop a forward-looking, blended education and develop an evidence-base for what works.

Our specific aims are:

  1. To emerge from Covid with a forward-looking, blended-by-design approach to education in Mathematical and Physical Sciences.
  2. To embed evidence-based pedagogical approaches within all programmes, using and learning from best practice in the sector.  
  3. To promote partnership in education design and delivery: professional services + academic staff; student + staff; early career + experienced staff; faculty + department.  
  4. To employ authentic, innovative and fair assessment methods within all programmes, ensuring diversity of assessment types.  
  5. To ensure equality of opportunity for all students, through effective education and assessment design and fostering a sense of belonging from induction until graduation.  

We are expanding our strategies and projects to meet the needs of the Faculty and Deparments.

Ongoing Projects: 

Addressing the BAME Awarding Gap in MAPS

Addressing the BAME Awarding Gap in MAPS

The UCL BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) Awarding gap has shown a disparity in the number of First Class degrees awarded to BAME students. The MAPS Faculty are taking a number of actions to tackle this inequality covering two main themes:

Inclusive Assessment

Inclusive Assessment

A faculty task group was established to develop a position on the availability of past exam questions and model answers, to address the varying practice in different departments across the faculty.

Find out some of the support the MAPS faculty students can expect to receive when preparing for their exams.

Exam Style Study Sessions

Sign up by April 1st: Find out some of the support the MAPS faculty students can expect to receive when preparing for their exams.


UCL Education Strategy 2016-21
UCL's five-year strategy for improving education and enhancing the student experience has been created in collaboration with the UCL community.

UCL Arena
A scheme of awards accredited by the Higher Education Academy giving teaching and support staff nationally recognised fellowships.

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