UCL Mathematical & Physical Sciences


Faculty and Provost's Teaching Award winners

The Faculty Teaching Awards are awarded each year to various categories of staff within the Faculty of Mathematical & Physical Sciences.

The Provost's Teaching Awards are awarded annually by the President & Provost of UCL. Teaching staff in all faculties are eligible.

2015Faculty Teaching Award - Teaching staffHelen GroundsChemistry
 Faculty Teaching Award - Postgraduate Teaching AssistantSam LivingstoneStatistical Science
 Faculty Teaching Award - Support StaffBernard BristollPhysics & Astronomy
2014Faculty Teaching Award - Academic StaffIoannis KosmidisStatistical Science
 Faculty Teaching Award - Postgraduate Teaching AssistantJamil NadimMathematics
 Provost's Teaching Award - early career staffDaven ArmoogumPhysics & Astronomy
2013Provost's Teaching Award - Experienced Academic StaffAndrew FisherPhysics & Astronomy
 Provost's Teaching Award- Experienced Academic StaffAndrew WillsChemistry
 Provost's Teaching Award - Postgraduate Teaching AssistantAdam TownsendMathematics
 Faculty Teaching Award - Academic StaffTony HarkerPhysics & Astronomy
 Faculty Teaching Award - Postgraduate Teaching AssistantDominic ReevePhysics & Astronomy
2012Faculty Teaching Award - Academic StaffIsidoros StrouthosMathematics
 Faculty Teaching Award - Industrial TrainingMichael EmesSpace & Climate Physics
 Faculty Teaching Award - Teaching SupportRichard ThorogateLondon Centre for Nanotechnology
 Faculty Teaching Ward - Postgraduate Teaching AssistantChristopher DawMathematics
2011Faculty Teaching Award - Academic Staff (joint)Ted JohnsonMathematics
 Faculty Teaching Award - Academic Staff (joint)Phil JonesPhysics & Astronomy
 Faculty Teaching Award - Postgraduate Teaching AssistantSami MikhailEarth Sciences
 Faculty Teaching Award - Support StaffMark RobertsMathematics
2010Provost's Teaching Award - Experienced Academic StaffMike PorterChemistry
 Faculty Teaching Award - Academic StaffRaman PrinjaPhysics & Astronomy
 Faculty Teaching Award - Postgraduate Teaching AssistantHannah FryMathematics