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Hypot-enthuse is a fun look at the interesting work and research coming out of the UCL Faculty of Maths and Physical Sciences. Released monthly, each episode features a light hearted chat with a notable academic examining exciting science topics making news around the world.

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Lia Li on optical tweezers and entrepreneurship

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In the latest episode of Hypot-enthuse, Malcolm and Maymana speak with Dr Lia Li, Research Fellow in the Department of Physics and Astronomy and CEO of Zero Point Motion ltd about her varied career so far - including work with lazers, optical sensors, science communication and entrepreneurship, and why you're never going to get a real lightsaber.

Ziri Younsi on the first ever image of a black hole

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In 2019, the first ever image of a black hole was shown - a story that brought world-wide attention. Dr Ziri Younsi of UCL Mullard Space Science Laboratory was part of one of the teams involved, and in this episode of Hypot-enthuse (recorded in February 2020) he discussed the creation of the image, the nature of discussing science with the public, and what the team plan to do next.

Christina Pagel on Child health and academia

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In this episode of Hypot-enthuse our new hosts Malcolm and Maymana speak to Professor Christina Pagel, director of UCL’s Clincal Operational Research Unit and a polymath with degrees in maths, space physics, medieval history and more. Christina talks about her academic career, and about her work with the National Congenital Heart Disease Audit.

Dr Jack Stilgoe on self-driving cars and ethics in science

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This episode of Hypot-enthuse, listen to Dr Jack Stilgoe from UCL Science & Technology Studies talk to our hosts about his research into self-driving cars and artificial intelligence, how emerging technologies should be governed, and how ethics overlaps with science.

Professor Gianluca Baio on the statistics of Eurovision

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In this episode of Hypot-enthuse we speak to UCL Statistician, Professor Gianluca Baio, about his research and answer the question, statistically, is Eurovision biased against the UK?

Dr Raphael Prieto Curiel on modelling voting trends around the world

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Oxford University Mathematician and UCL graduate, Dr Rafael Prieto Curiel, discusses his research on how voting patterns vary by city size and how when modelled mathematically, similar trends can be seen across the world.

Seb Groh on paeleontology and extinct crocodile relatives

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In the latest episode of Hypot-enthuse, Malcolm and Maymana speak with Dr Sebastian Groh, Research Fellow in the Department of Earth Sciences. They discuss Seb's work looking at historic crocodylomorpha, as well as concepts such as macro-evolution, and his work as LGBTQ+ rep for the department, as well as the experiences of being a trans academic.

Roshni Malde on winning the UCL Chemistry Ramsay medal

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The Ramsay medal has been awarded annually since 1923 to the top postgraduate student studying in their final year in the Department of Chemistry at UCL. Roshni Malde was the 2020 winner of the award, for her work on the Development and Study of Photoactive Protein Bioconjugates. In this month's episode, Malcolm and Maymana sit with Roshni to ask about her experiences of being a PhD, including the most important question - what is a Photoactive Protein Bioconjugate?

Carina Fearnley on warnings and alert systems

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The MAPS Faculty podcast 'Hypot-Enthuse' returns with new episodes for 2021! Recorded in December 2020, this episode has Malcolm and Maymana meeting Dr Carina Fearnley of UCL's new Warning Research Centre. Carina discusses our current relationship to warning and alert systems, touching on volcanoes, the shifting UK alert levels and tiers, disaster movies, and what could be done to avoid these issues in future.

Louise Harra on space weather

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In our latest episode of Hypot-enthuse hear us chat with UCL Space Scientist Professor Louise Harra about space weather, what it is, how we detect it, and how it affects us here on Earth.

Professor Richard Ellis on the expanding universe

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Hypot-enthuse returns for another episode, and we're talking to Professor Richard Ellis about his long career as an astronomer, how stargazing technology has evolved, and what it was like to be a part of one of the teams that discovered the accelerating expansion of our universe.

Professor Julienne Stroeve on climate change research in the Arctic

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In this episode of Hypot-enthuse our hosts speak to UCL Earth Scientist Professor Julienne Stroeve about her research on sea ice, her time spent in the Arctic, and her perspective on climate change.

Professor Helen Wilson on Ada Lovelace Day

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Our first podcast coincides with Ada Lovelace Day with UCL’s first ever female Head of Mathematics, Professor Helen Wilson, speaking to our hosts Laura and Sophie about everything from her own career as a woman in STEM, the science behind chocolate fountains and why a day celebrating Ada Lovelace is important.