UCL Faculty of Life Sciences


Our facilities

There are a number of specialist high-calibre facilities embedded within the Faculty of Life Sciences Divisions. From dedicated science labs packed with all the latest kit to a field station for the study of the environment, you can learn skills and test ideas in specialist and professional labs.

School of Pharmacy Facilities

Explore this area to find out more about the conference facilities, research and IT services, and our unique library that specialises in the pharmaceutical sciences.

Research Lab

Biosciences research facilities

The Facilities are overseen by an academic or an academic steering group responsible for ensuring that the Facility is operated and equipped for maximum benefit to the research community.

ucl cruciform

Cruciform teaching facilities

Specialist education facility back in the UCL Cruciform Building which supports practical teaching delivery for a number of areas across UCL.

UCL-Zeiss Multiscale Imaging Centre (UZMIC)

UCL-Zeiss Multiscale Imaging Centre UZMIC

The UCL Multiscale Imaging Centre in partnership with Zeiss – UZMIC –  was created in 2019, through a combined £4M investment shared between UCL and ZEISS.

ucl zebrafish facility

Fish facility

The UCL zebrafish facility is currently comprised of four separate multi-rack systems and several standalone and bench top systems housed in five separate rooms. 

Francis Wall Oliver Research Centre - Blakeney Point

Francis Wall Oliver Research Centre - Blakeney Point

A purpose-built laboratory and field studies research outpost facility at BlakeneyPoint National Nature Reserve, marshland that is preserved by the National Trust.

high content biology platform ucl

HCBL - High Content Biology Laboratory

The High-Content Biology Laboratory uses high-throughput screening techniques to facilitate translational research.