Bloomsbury Consortium for Advanced Light Microscopy


UCL-Zeiss Multiscale Imaging Centre (UZMIC)

The UCL Multiscale Imaging Centre in partnership with Zeiss – UZMIC –  was created in 2019, through a combined £4M investment  shared between UCL and ZEISS. This new centre enables  seamless dynamic imaging across scales, from single molecule resolution to organelles, cells and tissues, and across volumes, from a single sample to high throughput analysis. It is part of the Bloomsbury Consortium of Light and Electron Microscopy (BCLEM) and housed on the main UCL campus where it brings UCL’s large and vibrant community of biomedical researchers together with ZEISS’s expertise in advanced imaging, to deliver a world leading facility that will cater for the continuously evolving needs of life science and biomedical research.

The UZMIC incorporates new and emerging technologies including light sheet and confocal microscopy, optogenetics and ablation, combined with super resolution imaging and EM through correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM).  It will also serve as a continuously evolving research and development hub where UCL and ZEISS scientists will be able to interact to produce world-leading discovery-based biomedical research as well as education and training

UZMIC Academic Director – Chris Thrasivoulou, c.thrasivoulou@ucl.ac.uk

UZIMIC Microscopes:

  • Z1 Light Sheet Microscope
  • Confocal Z900
  • Airyscan2  Z980 multiphoton – upright microscope
  • Elyra7 SIM, PALM/STORM
  • Transmission Electron microscopy (Contact: Tom Hawkins, thomas.hawkins@ucl.ac.uk)

All microscopes are accessible through UCL’s booking system 

Location: Anatomy Building