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Hear from some of our alumni to learn about their experience at UCL, and what they've achieved since graduating from UCL.

Division of Biosciences

Danielle Barrett

Human Sciences BSc

Iain Chessell

Pharmacology BSc

Su Datt Lam

Structural and Molecular Biology


Charlotte Hinds

Neuroscience BSc

Mariam Jimoh

Biomedical Sciences BSc

Suraya Khodr

Biomedical Sciences BSc

Hannah Joanne Lee

Neuroscience MSci

Lada Leyens

Human Genetics BSc

Sylvia Lim

Biological Sciences MSci

Livia Ng

Neuroscience BSc

Jwalin Patel

Biochemistry BSc

Nikita Patel

Pharmacology MSci

Talha Sami

Philosophy, Medicine and Society IBSc

Andrew Slatter

Biochemistry PhD

School of Pharmacy



MSc in Clinical Pharmacy, International Practice and Policy

PhD and MSc in Pharmacognosy

Jyotika Joshi

Pharmacy MPharm

Alessandra Pennetta

Drug Discovery and Pharma Management MSc

Chitranjan Poojary

Drug Discovery MSc

Sivajanan Sivapalan

Pharmacy MPharm

Biljana Vujanovic

Clinical Pharmacy, International Policy and Practice MSc

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