UCL Faculty of Life Sciences


Sivajanan Sivapalan, Master of Pharmacy

Sivajanan graduated with a Master of Pharmacy in 2008, and is now working as a Community Pharmacist and Associate Owner in Canada. They are also a Member of the Board of Directors for Ontario College of Pharmacists.

Sivajanan Sivapalan
What inspired you to study at UCL?

UCL’S School of pharmacy is the oldest in the UK, and as such its strong identity within the roots of the profession in the UK is what inspired me to study here. I saw it as an institution dedicated to the study of pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy practice, devoting itself to research and development of both.

What attracted you to the Faculty of Life Sciences?

The opportunity to do clinical placements at world-leading teaching hospitals was a major factor in deciding to study here. Also, the opportunity to work with world-leading researchers for my research project attracted me to the Faculty of Life Sciences. 

What did you enjoy most about studying in London?

I grew up in London and have a deep love and affection for this global city. It has everything you need and more. A long and deep history, culture, diversity, and most importantly amazing people.

What is your favourite memory of UCL?

My favourite memory of UCL was commuting to university on my first day on the underground. I felt incredibly proud to be able to study and develop my self at a world leading higher education institution. That excitement from my first day still lives deep in my memory today.

What advice would you give to current or prospective students?

If you are looking for a place to study pharmacy that has world-class lecturers, researchers, and facilities; look to the UCL School of Pharmacy.

What is you current job title and company name?

Community Pharmacist/Associate Owner - Shoppers Drug Mart (Beamsville, Ontario)
Member of the Board of Directors- Ontario College of Pharmacists

Please provide a brief summary of your core duties and the skills you use

In Shoppers Drug Mart:

  • Commitment to delivering the highest level of patient care
  • Motivating and inspiring my team to do and be their best
  • Actively manage and oversee the day to day operations of all aspects of my franchised business

At the Ontario College of Pharmacists:

  • Support the mandate of the college by participating and contributing to scheduled council meetings.
  • The board is the policy-making group and board of directors for the College

Briefly describe your journey, from graduating to where you are now

I graduated in 2008 and completed my pre-registration training year in community pharmacy at Boots in Canvey Island, Essex. I moved on to work the National Health Service as a hospital pharmacist before moving to Canada at the end of 2010. Here I moved to community pharmacy practice where I currently oversee the operations of a busy community pharmacy delivering care to a Semi-Urban community in the Niagara region. 

How do you think UCL has helped you in your career to date?

I think studying at UCL, a global university where you have the ability to study abroad during your degree, situated in a truly global city, and a place where students come from all over the world to seek higher educations inspires you to have that same sense of global mobility and opportunity. This helps you realise the possibilities in your career.