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Meet the Alumni: Osama Fallatah

1 June 2023

Osama Fallatah is currently working as a pharmacist in Saudi Arabia. He studied on the UCL School of Pharmacy's MSc in Clinical Pharmacy, International Practice and Policy with an Extended Placement from 2021-2023.

Osama Fallatah standing in front of his research poster that displays his work.

Tell us about your journey to the UCL School of Pharmacy and why you chose to study there. 

Hi there! My name is Osama Fallatah, and I'm an international pharmacist from Saudi Arabia. Growing up, I learned the importance of doing what's right and taking care of others, which is why I decided to pursue a career in pharmacy. I'm passionate about helping patients use their medications safely and effectively, and optimising their choice of medicines.

Clinical Pharmacy is a relatively new field in Saudi Arabia, and there are only a few pharmacists with a master's degree and overseas practical experience. However, my country is starting to recognise the importance of this field, which means there will be more opportunities for us in the future. 

My dream was to gain valuable work experience in one of the top health institutions in the United Kingdom. After completing my pharmacy degree locally, I was fortunate enough to receive a scholarship from the Saudi government. I was excited when I knew that UCL has a comprehensive programme in Clinical Pharmacy with clinical experience and a leadership module.

I decided to apply to UCL because of its exceptional reputation in Clinical Pharmacy research and training. Therefore, UCL is highly regarded as an excellent option for postgraduate students pursuing an exceptional degree. Luckily, I was accepted to the UCL CPIPP programme in 2021.

How did your family respond to your decision to study in London?

I am grateful for the support and enthusiasm my family had shown in helping me pursue my education, particularly upon knowing of my acceptance into one of the most respected universities globally.

Tell us about how the MSc in Clinical Pharmacy has helped you in your career.

Throughout my time on the MSc programme, I gained essential skills that have enabled me to pursue a career and expand my job prospects in my home country. These skills include self-directed learning, critical thinking, reflective practice, medicines optimisation, research, and evaluation. Additionally, I acquired the necessary abilities to improve pharmacy services and adapt them to my country's needs.

How has the UCL School of Pharmacy changed you? 

I am thankful for this programme for its significant impact on my personal growth. Through the intensive Clinical Pharmacy programme, I was able to expand my knowledge within a limited timeframe. The programme also instilled a sense of accountability and dedication by encouraging students to create new services and projects independently through a leadership module. Furthermore, the placement module provided a valuable opportunity for me to interact with healthcare professionals in the UK, and gain practical experience in a hospital setting as a clinical pharmacist.

What is the best piece of advice that someone at the School of Pharmacy gave you?

Throughout my time on the programme, I engaged in numerous conversations with tutors and mentors, receiving a wealth of valuable advice. The most significant piece of wisdom imparted was to approach the MSc journey as a learning experience, where mistakes are growth opportunities. As long as I am absorbing knowledge, I should refrain from stressing too much about exam scores. It is crucial to have a detailed plan in place to achieve my objectives, which I must adhere to with discipline. I was also advised to take frequent breaks to explore London and enjoy myself, which can help me stay motivated.

What is your fondest memory from your time studying at UCL?

One of my fondest memories of the course was meeting the diverse group of individuals who were part of it. It was fascinating to interact with people from ten different countries, each with their unique backgrounds and cultures. I enjoyed getting to know them on a personal level and learning about their interests. Collaborating with clinical pharmacists from the UK was also an enriching experience. Working together on projects allowed me to establish connections and expand my knowledge. 

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