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About the Huguenot Library 

Formed by the amalgamation of the libraries of the French Hospital (1718) and the Huguenot Society (1885) and deposited in 1957, this is a collection of c.6000 books, around 50 periodicals, and a great series of manuscripts, prints and engravings.

A significant number of the printed books are not easily to be found elsewhere. The most notable volumes are two copies of the 1535 first edition of Calvin's French Protestant Bible and other early editions of works by Calvin. There are important early biographical works, such as La France Protestante by the Haag Brothers (10 volumes) and Protestant Exiles from France by D.C.A. Agnew, (all three editions held). Of particular value is the collection of pamphlets, dating from the late sixteenth century onwards, many of which are very rare.

As well as such rare materials, the collections also include printed works dating from the mid-nineteenth century onwards covering the whole range of Huguenot studies, from major histories to printed family records. There is also a good 19th century and modern collection of material on the Waldensians of the Piedmont. There are runs of all the main journals of Huguenot history from other countries, including a complete set of the Bulletin de la Société de l'Histoire du Protestantisme Français.

The important manuscripts include consistory records of half a dozen London Huguenot churches and the records of the Royal Bounty and connected funds, 1686-1876 (with details of the relief funds distributed to the Huguenot refugees and their descendants). The manuscript collections also include the records of the French Hospital itself and of other Huguenot institutions such as the Westminster French Protestant School, Friendly Societies, and numerous family papers, including the Wagner Pedigrees giving details of about 1000 Huguenot families and extensive genealogical research files. Much of this material may also be consulted on microfiche.

Access to the library

The Huguenot Library is housed within the Special Collections of UCL Library, which is currently housed at The National Archive in Kew, Richmond.
Note: This is NOT a postal address - see below for postal address and contact details.

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Readers must make an appointment at least two weeks prior to the date of your proposed visit.

Contacting the Huguenot Library

E-mail library@huguenotsociety.org.uk
Telephone 020 7679 2046, or internal ext 32046
Postal address Huguenot Library,
University College London,
Gower Street,
London WC1E 6BT
Website http://www.huguenotsociety.org.uk/library-and-archive.html

Further information on Huguenots

The Huguenot Society publishes a variety of publications on Huguenot history and genealogy and also provides introductory leaflets on family history and information on resources for Huguenot history worldwide.


There is a considerable amount of unmonitored genealogical information and information devoted to Huguenot research on the internet and links to these should be taken with care.