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UCL Discovery policies

This page gives details of UCL Discovery's terms of use, and takedown policy.

UCL Discovery Terms of Use

  • Unless indicated otherwise, items are protected by copyright with all rights reserved.
  • The copyright exception in section 29 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 allows the making of a single copy solely for the purpose of non-commercial research or private study within the limits of fair dealing.
  • Where records identify the publisher as the copyright holder, users can verify any specific terms of use on the publisher's website.
  • Some records indicate that the item is licensed under a Creative Commons or other licence that permits wider re-use. Please refer to the terms of the licence for specific details.
  • For more information about copyright, see our copyright pages.

UCL Discovery Takedown policy

If you believe you have a legitimate reason to request the removal of an item in UCL Discovery (relating, for instance, to issues with intellectual property, copyright, publishers' rules, third-party copyright, moral rights or other legal issues), please e-mail us the following details:

  • bibliographic details of the material, including the full URL
  • the nature of your complaint and action required
  • if your complaint or request relates to copyright or related rights, confirmation that you are the rights holder or affected subject, or an authorised representative of the rights holder or affected subject
  • your contact details

We will acknowledge receipt as soon as possible. Where the grounds for complaint appear to be reasonable, we will temporarily remove the material in question, pending further investigation. If the complaint is found to be legitimate, the material will be permanently removed from the repository.