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Find your favourite library

20 January 2023

This term we want to encourage you to explore the different libraries at UCL.

Two students work in the Donaldson Law Library

We all know that the Student Centre, Main and Science Libraries can be busy, but did you know that UCL has 14 other library sites most of which are located in Bloomsbury?

Although most of the libraries have subject specialist collections, as a UCL student you can use any of them. Each space offers a different range of facilities and types of study spaces, including group or quiet study, meaning you can find the space that’s perfect for you.

Find your favourite library allows you to select from a range of criteria to find your perfect study space.

This group of students have found the perfect study space for their requirements in the SSEES Library.

We asked UCL’s student journalist to review our libraries, and this is what they’ve said:

SSEES Library

"Walking around the library, I came upon more and more individual desks available, tucked away amidst the shelves. There are 176 seats in total. The atmosphere of the space was tranquil, it allowed students to focus in isolation without the usual background murmurs, coughs and sniffs of larger spaces. If you’re an early bird, you might just manage to secure one of the communal hot-desk spaces so you and your friends can work in tandem, but do keep in mind, the library encourages a hushed ambience."

Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health Library

"To help find balance in the intense life London offers, the GOS-ICH Library is a haven; a calm environment for productivity as you appreciate the rest of the city at your doorstep. If you want an open space, accommodating plants, windows at desks and computers accessible for everyone it’s time to see what UCL Library Services can offer and diversify your study time with the GOS-ICH library."

Language & Speech Science Library

"I find the differentiation of the UCL study spaces to be intriguing and always very impressive, each time offering distinct and valuable facilities. At LaSS there are 57 spaces for students to carry out quiet independent work, as well as the study room that can be booked for collaborative activities. This might come in useful for students practicing presentations, preparing group projects, or simply holding a social reading or study session."

IOE Library

"I go to the library to rid of the distractions I have at home, the sound of passing cars and the snacks in the fridge humming away behind me. When I arrive, I am greeted by a banquet of books, views looking out to the rich Brutalist structure on one side and an assortment of delicious green hues over in Woburn Square Garden on the other. I look about at my peers captivated by their studies, their fingers tapping away on keyboards, I listen out for the distant drawn-out sound of pages being turned."

Where’s your Favourite library? Find out now.