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UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health (GOS-ICH) Library - A review

28 April 2022

In the fourth of a series of articles reviewing library spaces, Eleanor Clarson, an Earth Sciences student spends time in one of our less visited gems.

Meeting room at Institute of Child Health Library

To help find balance in the intense life London offers, the Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health Library is a haven; a calm environment for productivity as you appreciate the rest of the city at your doorstep. If you want an open space, accommodating plants, windows at desks and computers accessible for everyone it’s time to see what UCL Library Services can offer and diversify your study time with the Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health Library.

Following a student survey in 2016, the library was refurbished, with all students now able to access this enhanced modern facility. You can make your own suggestions at this library, with prizes to be won! Based on your feedback, the library now hosts many plants as part of UCL’s Green Impact and sustainability initiatives.

Following the refurbishment, the library became a popular choice for students but after COVID-19 it is very quiet. The Student Centre and Main Library often become too crowded, especially if you attempt to find a spot after 11am. The Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health Library is a perfect spot for group work and offers separate silent study space for independent work.

The Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health Library boasts 122 study spaces, with plugs at every space, a self-service issue machine, computers at every desk with some retracting from desks. The computers include both NHS and UCL network workstations giving access to e-journals, print, copy and scan facilities. You can also make use of the small training room with eight computers.

The friendly, welcoming staff are happy to help with requests and enquiries. If you can’t find a spot in the Student Centre (or have checked available spaces online), the Child Health Library offers a place of comfort, where your time in study is rewarded with productivity.

A short walk from the library is the main campus, Russell Square, Brunswick Square Gardens, and the British Museum, which are ideal spots to take lunch or to ponder why a deadline suddenly meant so much to you. One thing to note is the local area of this library doesn’t lack options and can give you the diversity you need in your study time. You can’t eat in any UCL libraries but local lunch places near the Child Health Library include Leon, Franco Manca, Choppaluna and WingWing. If you would prefer not to leave the building there is a refectory in which you can purchase lunch, and a winter garden.

Upon visiting the library for a study session, I didn’t have the distractions the Student Centre brings. It is a peaceful break during the loud hours within the Student Centre before and after lunch and I recommend it for a successful full day to study at. The Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health Library offers a change of scenery which boosts your well-being and mood, improving retention of memory. It is waiting around the corner for your laptops.

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