Library Services


New Scan and Send service: request parts of print books

21 October 2020

Library Services have introduced a new Scan and Send service to support our users working off campus.

Graphic of books, a scanner and email icon.

You can now request a scan from part of a library book to be sent to your UCL email address through our new Scan and Send service.

This service is currently available to all UCL students and staff. Please note:

  • It is only available on books that are on the shelves in the Main and Science Library (books on loan/hold/requested cannot be ordered).
  • We are still bound by copyright law so we can usually only provide 1 chapter or 10% of the book unless it is from a publisher that has agreed to the temporary 2 chapters or 20% copying (see our list of eligible publishers).
  • You can only have five active requests at a time.
  • It is also only for personal study use.

If you are able to visit campus, we recommend that you use the Click and Collect service. We expect this will be a quicker way to get access to key books.

If you are a member of UCL Staff and need material for your reading lists contact the Course Readings Service.
Please go to the Scan and Send webpage for more information on this service.