Library Services


Interlending & Document Supply

The Interlending & Document Supply service can be used to request items not held in any of the UCL Libraries. In addition, some items held in outlying UCL sites can be sent to another UCL Library.

Interlibrary Loan Provision During COVID-19 Closure

UCL Students/Staff and NHS library members

We will be providing an electronic service only. Please make requests for book chapters and journal articles as normal and we will endeavour to provide them to you in an electronic format free of charge. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any physical material during this closure.

Borrowing Libraries Requesting UCL Material

We can currently only supply electronically. This means we cannot provide any material from our physical stock only from e-journals and e-books. If you have any queries please email the team at ill-help@ucl.ac.uk.

Inter-site Service

Certain items held at outlying UCL sites can be requested to be transferred from one site to another for loan using the Inter-site Service.

Interlending & Document Supply

Interlending & Document Supply can be used to request items which are not already held in any of the UCL libraries, and not easily available from any other nearby library to which UCL members have access.

British Library Secure Electronic Delivery for UCL Staff

The British Library offers Secure Electronic Delivery (SED). UCL staff can use this new system to open documents anywhere. Full details of the service are available.

Supplying to other libraries

Information about supplying to other libraries via the UCL Library Services Interlending services.

Printable guide

Printable guide (PDF) to the Interlending & Document Supply service.