Library Services


Unforeseen problems during non-working hours

Our e-resources systems, in common with all central UCL IT systems, run unattended overnight, at weekends, and during UCL closure periods. If services fail, they may not be restored until the next day

If unforeseen system-wide problems occur during non-working hours, try the following alternative access routes for off-site access:

  • Log in to remote Desktop@UCL, then access the eresource that you need via a search engine such as Google. The Desktop@UCL Anywhere service simulates on-site access, so (in most cases) there is no further authentication requirement.
  • For services that use the institutional login, you can use this option on the website of the database or journal that you want to access

If you are on-site, use a search engine such as Google to find the database or journal that you need. In most cases there is no authentication requirement because you are using a UCL computer.

Please note that it is usually not advisable to use search engines to find subscription e-resources. Under normal circumstances, use the ejournals list or databases list in order to ensure that you have access to all of UCL Library Services' subscription e-resources.