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The British Sign Language Corpus Project (BSLCP) section of the CAVA repository

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The British Sign Language Corpus Project (BSLCP) section of the CAVA repository contains video recordings of BSL video data from 249 deaf signers of BSL from 8 regions around the UK: London (L), Bristol (BL), Cardiff (CF), Birmingham (BM), Newcastle (N), Manchester (M), Glasgow (G) and Belfast (BF).

To find data appropriate to your research, you can either:

  • Search for a specific term, for example "Manchester narrative", or
  • Browse the collection by region, age, activity, or age of BSL acquisition.

Note: It is currently not possible to search or browse by content of the video data (i.e. for specific topics.) However, it is now possible to download ID-gloss annotations and translations for some of the data as ELAN files which can be downloaded and searched in ELAN. For more information and updates see Accessing the CAVA Repository (BSL Corpus Project).

Example Video Resource filenames and what they mean:

  • BF9+10i = Belfast participants number 9 and 10 in the interview activity.
  • L12n = London participant number 12 in the narrative activity.
  • M11+12c = Manchester participants 11 and 12 in the conversation activity.
  • LN12F40BHC.eaf = London paricipant no. 12, Female, aged 40, Black, from Hearing family, in the Conversation activity.
  • BM03M40WDNC.eaf = Birmingham participant no. 3, Male, aged 40, White, from Deaf family, in the Narrative-Conservation activity.
  • MC11F35AHC.eaf = Manchester participant no. 11, Female, aged 35, Asian, from Hearing family, in the Conservation activity.

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Terms and Conditions

All material supplied via the CAVA repository is protected by copyright. Duplication or sale of all or part of any of the data collection is not permitted outside of the conditions set out here: BSLCP End User Terms.

In brief:

  1. Should I wish to publish or present any work based in whole or in part on the data collection, to cite/acknowledge the original data creators and the CAVA repository in the form specified here: Acknowledgements and Citations. I will, wherever possible, send a copy of such publication/presentation to the Registrar.
  2. That any annotations, transcriptions and/or translations of the data that I undertake will be shared with the Registrar at the earliest possible opportunity. By downloading any files I agree to these terms and conditions.