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Library Exhibitions

Learn more about UCL Library Services exhibitions, including our annual Main Library exhibition and Student Centre displays. All exhibitions are free and open to the public.
Detail from the cover of Black Orpheus

UCL Main Library

Hidden in Plain Sight: Liberating our Library Collections.
Closing 07 March 2024.

Suffragette blocked at the polling box by men

UCL Student Centre

Liberating Voices.
Open until Summer 2024.

John Hughlings Jackson

Queen Square Library

Library displays drawn from the Queen Square Archives that provide access to the historical records of the National Hospital of Neurology and Neurosurgery and the Maida Vale Hospital.

Shelf from Culture Lab Exhibition

UCL East Culture Lab: Power!

The inaugural exhibition in the UCL Culture Lab, made by a team of curators, researchers, students and community partners, explores the meaning of power through diverse collections of University College London, alongside everyday objects from our homes and communities. The exhibition includes items from UCL's rare books, archives and records collections. 

Generation UCL: 200 years of student life in London

Octagon Gallery: Generation UCL

This exhibition places students at the heart of this 200-year history. It also marks 130 years since the formation of what became Students’ Union UCL, now one of the largest student-led organisations in the world. On display are items from UCL Special Collections, Students' Union UCL and UCL Museums, each of which sheds light on an aspect of UCL student life.