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Current exhibition at the Main Library

‘I Planted a Seed’: Childhood, nature and creativity is a free public exhibition in the Main Library. 24 April 2024 - January 2025.

‘I Planted a Seed’: Childhood, nature and creativity

'I Planted a Seed' explores how children’s imaginations are inspired by nature in their storytelling, exploration and creative world. The exhibition starts with the classroom and how nature supports creative learning in children. It then moves on to examine children’s own creative output and how nature is reflected in music, dance, play and textiles. On display are items from the IOE Archives and the Folklore Society collection, as well as material from outside of Special Collections including the IOE Rare Books collection and the IOE Curriculum Resources collection.  

‘I Planted a Seed’ is to be located in the Main Library Stairwell and 1st floor. An exhibition catalogue and digitised collection items will also be available online for anyone to access.

Visit the exhibition

The Main Library exhibition will be open to the public. To visit, please book an exhibition ticket below. You will need to show a copy of your ticket to UCL security before entering UCL's Bloomsbury campus. 
Note that if you are already a library member, you do not need a ticket to enter.

We will be running exhibition tours through the year. Advanced booking is essential for both members of the public and UCL staff/students.

The exhibition is stair access only.

Digitised exhibition items and a free exhibition catalogue are available online.

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