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Records Retention

The UCL records retention schedule applies to all records, irrespective of format and medium. It therefore covers both paper and electronic records, including emails and audio-visual materials.

What is a retention schedule?

A retention schedules helps us to track and control our records, enables us to dispose confidently of records we no longer need, and ensures we keep only the records we need in order to ensure economy and efficiency of staff time, space and equipment. It is also vital in supporting compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, such as the Freedom of Information Act 2000, clinical trial regulations or environmental legislation.

What should I do with records once they are no longer needed for current business?

When records are no longer in frequent use, and it is not necessary to keep them near at hand in the office, you should use the schedule to check how long they should be kept. If it is more than a year, you should transfer them to the Records Office for long-term storage. At the end of the retention period, we will contact you to check there are no exceptional reasons for retaining the records beyond this period, and then the records will usually be destroyed.

Please be sure to read the introduction to the schedule before making decisions about disposal of records.