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Estate Management

Records Retention Schedule for files relating to estate management.

Estate management is made up of the following headings:

4.1 Property management
RefRecord groupExamplesTriggerRetentionCitationNotes
4.1.1Acquisition of property by purchase, and disposal (executed as deeds).Land Registry records;
Disposal of property.12;
Limitation Act 1980 s.8 
4.1.2Evidence of title.Title deeds.Disposal of property.Transfer to new owner.JISC 
4.1.3Acquisition of property by lease.Lease.End of lease.15Limitation Act 1980 s.14B 
4.1.4Negotiations for properties not acquired. End of negotiations.6Limitation Act 1980, s.2 
4.1.5Leasing-out to third parties.Subletting or wayleave agreements.End of lease.6Limitation Act 1980, s.2 
4.1.6Leasing-out to third parties.Subletting or wayleave agreements executed as deeds.End of lease.12Limitation Act 1980, s.8 
4.1.7Property access controls to secure areas.Key registers;
Signing-in and absence books;
Security logs.
4.1.8Security passes issued to visitors.Security passes;
Swipe cards;
Parking permit records.
4.1.9Security surveillance of property.CCTV images.Creation18 daysUCL CCTV 13.3 
4.1.10Security incidents, and action taken. Last action on incident.1JISC 
4.1.11Enforcement inspections.Fire certificates.When superseded.0UCL 
4.1.12Conduct and outcomes of space audits.Capacity survey reports;
Space surveys and audits.
Completion of next survey.5JISC 
4.2 Property maintenance
RefRecord groupExamplesTriggerRetentionCitationNotes
4.2.1Major works.Project files;
Contract for building works;
Contractor review reports.
 End of works.15;
Limitation Act 1980, s.14B(1) 
4.2.2Minor works. End of works.6UCL 
4.2.3Routine inspections of property.Records of routine inspections of property (e.g. risk assessments, written examination schemes and testing of items and systems including lifts, fabric, pressure systems, fire systems, alarms, water hygiene, electrical systems).Date of inspection OR Superseded.5 years (date of inspection) OR 1 year (superseded).UCL 
4.2.4Health and safety and operational and maintenance files. Disposal of property.Transfer to new owner.SI 2015/51 regs 4(7), 12. 
4.2.5Planning and building control.Planning and building regulations applications and consents granted.Disposal of property (Transfer to new owner);
OR expiry of consent.
Transfer to new owner;
OR 0
4.2.6Monitoring of the condition of asbestos in premises, and of maintaining or removing it. Removal of asbestos OR
Subsequent inspection.
10SI 2012/632 reg 13(3) 
4.2.7Assessments made to determine the presence (or likely presence) of asbestos in premises. Review of assessment.10JISCControl of Asbestos Regulations (SI 2012/632) does not prescribe a retention period for these records.
4.3 Environmental management
RefRecord groupExamplesTriggerRetentionCitationNotes
4.3.1Environmental Audit.Conduct and results of environmental audits, and action taken to address issues raised.Completion of audit.5JISCRetaining assessments provides evidence of effective management of risks associated with works carried out.
4.3.2Environmental Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment.Records of identified environmental hazards to the institution, or created by its operations, and the conduct and results of risk assessments.Elimination of risk OR Updating of risk assessment.5JISC 
4.3.3ISO Management Standard Certification.Attainment and maintenance of the institution's accreditation under established environmental management schemes.Termination of accreditation.1ISO 50001, ISO 14001. 
4.3.4Water.Trade effluent consent.While scheduled activities are current.0UCLThames water database for consents that have expired.
4.3.5Energy Management: routine monitoring of the institution's use and consumption of energy.Reviews of energy use (Meter readings).Current year.5UCL 
4.3.6Energy Management: conduct and results of formal reviews of the institution's use and consumption of energy, and action taken to address issues raised. Completion of review + 5 years.5UCL 
4.3.7Energy Management: Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC).Records associated with the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme: position in performance table for first year of participation; first footprint and annual reports;
CRC position in performance table for first year of participation; first footprint and annual reports (until 2025).
As long as membership is held.0SI 2010/768 arts 57(2), 57(3).CRC will end in 2025.
4.3.8Waste Management: Waste Transfer Notes (non-hazardous waste).Confidential waste.Removal of waste.2SI 2011/988 reg 35(6) 
4.3.9Waste Management: waste Consignment notes (hazardous waste). Removal of waste.3SI 2005/894 Regulation 49(3).The Hazardous Waste (England and Wales) Regulations (SI 2005/894) Regulation 49(1) specifies the content of these records.
4.4 Equipment
RefRecord groupExamplesTriggerRetentionCitationNotes
4.4.1Selection of major items.Development of specifications for, and the selection of major Items of equipment/consumables.Life of item.6Limitation Act 1980, s 5 
4.4.2Installation/Commissioning of major items.Records of the installation of equipment.Decommissioning/ removal.6Limitation Act 1980, s 5 
4.4.3Selection of items which are safety critical or associated with hazardous operations.Development of specifications for, and the selection of, equipment/consumables which are safety critical or associated with hazardous operations.Life of item.40JISCRetaining these records for a long period is in line with requirements/recommendations for retention of Heath & Safety records.
4.4.4Testing & Maintenance of items which are safety critical or are associated with hazardous operations.Records of the inspection, testing and maintenance of equipment.Decommissioning/ disposal.15Limitation Act 1980, s. 14.Retaining a maintenance history provides evidence of compliance and effective management of health and safety over time.
4.4.5Installation/Commissioning of lifting equipment.Reports of pre-commissioning examinations required by Regulation 9(1) and 9(2) of the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations.DecommissioningN/ASI 1998/2307 regs;
4.4.6Installation/Commissioning of accessories for lifting.Reports of pre-commissioning examinations required Regulation 9(1) of the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations.Date of report.2SI 1998/2307 regs 11(2)(a)(ii) 
4.4.7Inspection of lifting equipment.Reports of inspection and 'thorough examination' of lifting equipment required by Regulation 9 of the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations.Date of subsequent report.2 SI 1998/2307 reg 11(2)(a)(iv) 
4.4.8Maintenance logs for equipment. Life of equipment.6SI 1998/2306 reg 5(2);
Limitation Act 1980 s.5
4.4.9Inspections of equipment.Required by Regulation 6 of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations.Completion of subsequent inspection.0SI 1998/2306 reg 6(3) 
4.4.10Ionising Radiations - calibration, testing and inspection of monitoring equipment. When equipment is calibrated.2SI 2017/1075 reg 20(5) 
4.4.11Ionising Radiations - Maintenance and examination of engineering controls etc. and personal protective equipment.  Date of maintenance/testing.2SI 2017/1075 reg 11 
4.4.12Air conditioning system inspection reports (Fluorinated Green House gases).  When superseded.Expiry.SI 2012/3118 reg 20(1)Find an energy certificate.
4.4.13Cleaning of equipment/consumables prior to disposal: items used in connection with operations involving substances hazardous to health.Record of the cleaning/sanitisation.Disposal of item.15Limitation Act 1980, s.14 
4.4.14Cleaning of equipment/consumables prior to disposal: other items.Record of the cleaning/sanitisation.Disposal of item.6Limitation Act 1980, s.5 
List of citations

Acts of Parliament

  • Limitation Act 1980.

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  • 2012/632: Control of Asbestos Regulations.
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  • 2017/1075: Ionising Radiations Regulations.    

UK and EU statutory guidance

  • ISO 14001: ISO 14001 Environmental Management.
  • ISO 50001: ISO 50001 Energy management.
  • JISC: Model records retention schedule 2019.