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Information Management

Records Retention Schedule for files relating to information management.

Information management is made up of the following headings:

6.1 IT systems
RefRecord groupExamplesTriggerRetentionCitationNotes
6.1.1Initial development and post-implementation modification and maintenance of IT systems.Network configuration and maps;
Change control documents.
Decommissioning of system.5JISC 
6.1.2Management of IT systems development projects.Project management documents.Termination of project.5;
6.1.3Routine monitoring and testing of the operation of IT systems, and action taken to rectify problems and optimise performance.Usage reports;
Network traffic logs;
Network alerts;
System Logs;
Audit and exception files produced during network and email use;
History files produced during network and email use.
6.1.4User requests for support or reporting of faults and action taken to investigate and resolve the problem.Call logs;
Incident reports;
Job sheets;
Communications with helpdesk.
Last action on fault.1JISC 
6.1.5Management of system data storage, including the operation of routine data backup, archiving and deletion routines.Server maintenance log sheets;
Backup reports;
Registers of backup tapes.
6.1.6User requests to recover data from backup or archive stores, and action taken. Last action on request.3 monthsJISC 
6.1.7Maintenance of appropriate software licences for live IT systems. When superseded.0JISC 
6.1.8Records of the opening, maintenance and closure of user accounts for IT systems.Registration forms;
Auditable log of account administration activity within identity management service;
Requests for account closures.
Closure of account.1JISCThis entry replaces 7.1.11 and 7.2.1 in the current schedule.
6.1.9Records of used email addresses to prevent reissue. Closure of account.30UCLNew entry.
6.1.10Removal/return of mobile IT systems hardware and software from/to the institution's premises. Disposal of equipment.3 monthsJISCNew addition in consultation with Rob Silk.
6.1.11Arrangements for the sanitisation of institutional IT equipment prior to disposal. Disposal of equipment.3UCLNew addition in consultation with Rob Silk. Retention period extended to account for complaints against 3rd party.
6.1.12Security arrangements for IT systems.Requests for SSL certificates;
Device hardening plans;
Penetration testing reports.
Decommissioning of system.5JISC 
6.1.13Monitoring of the use of IT systems to ensure compliance with legal requirements and institutional policies.Monitoring forms;
Case files.
Closure of case.1, then transfer for retention as part of HR files where relevant.JISCUCL Policy on Monitoring Computer and Network Use.
6.1.14Records of attempted or actual security breaches of the institution's IT systems, and action taken.Investigation reports.Last action on incident.1JISC 
6.1.15Requests for, and authorisation of, connections of third-party equipment to the institution's networks, either on institutional premises or via dial-up communications links.   Departmental Network;
Administrators authorisations.
Termination of connection.1JISC;
Connection to network policy.
6.1.16Connection of third-party equipment to the UCL networks: IP address allocation.DHCP logs.Date of allocation.6MUCL
Connection to network policy.
6.2 Information assets
RefRecord groupExamplesTriggerRetentionCitationNotes
6.2.1Applications for permission to copy from published works which are not covered by Copyright Licensing Agency licences, where permission is granted. Period for which permission is granted.6Limitation Act 1980, s.5. 
6.2.2Copyright declaration forms;
CLA Audits;
Logs of copying and recording carried out under licence.
 AY6Limitation Act 1980, s.5. 
6.2.3Intellectual Property Rights (IPR): Records of the institution's applications for patents.Patent applications, certificates of grant, supplementary certificates, extensions.PERMANENTPERMANENTUCL 
6.2.4Records of the institution's applications for other forms of IPR protection (registered trademarks, registered designs) and certificates of registration.Applications, trade mark certificates.PERMANENTPERMANENTUCL 
6.2.5Records of the negotiation and completion of IPR licence agreements to third parties.Identification of licensing requirements, acquisitions and maintenance of licenses, management of compliance with license conditions.PERMANENTPERMANENTUCL 
6.3 Records management
RefRecord groupExamplesTriggerRetentionCitationNotes
6.3.1Recordkeeping requirements for specific business activities and processes.Business process maps, survey and audit records.Superseded.0JISC 
6.3.2Classification and indexing schemes for records.Business classification schemes, file plans and metadata schemes.Superseded.5JISC 
6.3.3Storage locations of records. Superseded.0JISC 
6.3.4Movement of records to/from storage. Return of records.1JISC 
6.3.5Records documenting the provision of access to records.Request and issue records.Date of access.1JISC 
6.3.6Determination of retention periods for records. Completion of revised Records Retention Schedule.1JISC 
6.3.7Final versions of Records Retention Schedules. PERMANENT.PERMANENT.JISCRetaining a history of retention periods provides evidence of effective control of records and the basis for disposal of records.
6.3.8Review of individual records to determine requirements for ongoing retention, where records are disposed of. Life of records.25JISC 
6.3.9Conservation work undertaken on records. Disposal of records.0JISC 
6.3.10Authorisation for the disposal of redundant records. Disposal of records.25JISC 
6.3.11Conduct and results of records surveys/audits. Completion of subsequent survey/audit.0JISCThis retention period assumes that the purpose and scope of the subsequent audit is comparable. If it is not, a longer retention period may be appropriate.
6.4 Library, museums, collections and archive services
RefRecord groupExamplesTriggerRetentionCitationNotes
6.4.1Documentation of collections.Accessions registers;
Object/item entry records;
Selection criteria/acquisition proposals;
Depositor/donor agreements, Deeds of Gift, artists agreements and commission contracts;
Inventory records;
Object movement records;
Catalogue and box lists;
Object/item exit records;
Disposal authorisations.
6.4.2Location registers.Current locations and location histories of accessioned objects.PERMANENT.PERMANENT.JISC 
6.4.3Registration of users. End of registration.1  
6.4.4Use of collections - Research or Access.Requests for access;
Issue forms.
6.4.5Use of collections - Object History.Handling/operating objects;
Taking samples from objects.
6.4.6Exhibition records (exhibitions held by UCL).Plans;
6.4.7Conservation records.Treatment, assessments, reports.PERMANENT.PERMANENT.  
6.4.8Loans.Records of inward and outward loans to external organisations of library, museums, collections and archive objects for exhibition, conservation or photography.PERMANENT.PERMANENT.Collections Trust - The SPECTRUM 4.0 Acquisition Procedure.Please see: The SPECTRUM 4.0 Acquisition Procedure.
6.4.9Library loans.Library user loan history.End of registration.1UCL 
6.4.10Inter-library loan records.Request forms.AY1UCL 
6.4.11Use of services.Customer feedback;
Customer surveys;
Training evaluation responses;
Enquiry feedback.
List of citations

Acts of Parliament

  • Limitation Act 1980.

UK and EU statutory guidance

  • Collections Trust: Collections Trust - The SPECTRUM 4.0 Acquisition Procedure.
  • JISC: Model records retention schedule 2019.


  • Connection to network policy: Connection to Network policy.