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External and Public Relations

Records Retention Schedule for files relating to external and public relations.

External and public relations is made up of the following headings:

8.1 Public relations
RefRecord groupExamplesTriggerRetentionCitationNotes
8.1.1Complaints from members of the public, the internal handling of these complaints and the responses provided. Last action on complaint.1JISC 
8.1.2Planning and impact/results of public events and official visits. Completion of event.3JISC 
8.1.3Organisation and administration of public events and official visits. Completion of event.1JISC 
8.2 Media relations
RefRecord groupExamplesTriggerRetentionCitationNotes
8.2.1Media enquiries, the internal handling of these enquiries and responses provided. Last action on enquiry.3JISC 
8.2.2Monitoring and analysis of media coverage of the institution. Current.5JISC 
8.2.3Planning and organisation of media briefings and interviews. Date of briefing.1JISC 
8.2.4Transcripts of media briefings and interviews. Date of interview.5JISC 
8.2.5Press releases and cuttings. Creation.5
8.3 Marketing
RefRecord groupExamplesTriggerRetentionCitationNotes
8.3.1Records documenting the design of the institution's corporate identity marks (logos etc.) and the development of style guides for use of these. Superseded.0JISC 
8.3.2Development, placement and impact of advertisements. Superseded.5JISC 
8.3.3Design, implementation and review of marketing campaigns. Completion of campaign.5UCL 
8.4 Alumni relations and fundraising
RefRecord groupExamplesTriggerRetentionCitationNotes
8.4.1Records containing personal data on alumni, donors, volunteers and prospects. While the relationship is active or the data is required under statutory obligation (e.g. Donations records will be kept for a minimum of 6 years and until the relationship with the constituent is no longer active).0JISCAll contact with Alumni should be referred to OVPA for guidance.
List of citations

UK and EU statutory guidance    

  • JISC: Model records retention schedule 2019.