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Customer Service

We're committed to providing high-quality customer service delivered in partnership with you.

Responding to your feedback

We're always happy to hear your feedback on our services, and we welcome suggestions for improvement.

If you would like to provide feedback, please use our feedback form or visit our getting help and contacting us webpage for more information.

How quickly did we respond to your queries via email and webform during the week?

From 01 October to 20 December 2021, 93% of email and webform enquiries were responded to within one day.

How did you rate our response to queries via email and webform?

95% of our responses to email or webform queries were rated good or excellent.

From 01 October to 20 December 2021, 85% of email or webform responses were rated as excellent, 10% as good, 3% as so-so, and 2% were rated bad.

What have you said about our response to email and webform queries?

"The UCL library service is excellent. Really fast and efficient."
"All the library staff that I spoke to were incredibly knowledgeable and friendly! Many thanks once again for your help."
"Great service. Couldn’t manage without everyone’s help. Incredible fast and efficient."
"UCL librarians have become my favourite people this pandemic. Thank you for being extra caring and helpful to the UCL community."

How quickly did we respond to your queries via Library Chat?

96% of live chat requests were acknowledged within 30 seconds.

From 01 October to 20 December 2021, 96% of chats were acknowledged within 30 seconds, 3% were acknowledged between 30 and 60 seconds, and 1% were acknowledged after more than 60 seconds.

How did you rate our response to queries via our live Library Chat service?

99% of our interactions with you via our live Library Chat service were rated good or excellent.

From 01 October to 20 December 2021, 88% of chats were rated as excellent, 11% as good, 1% as so-so, and 0% were rated bad.

What have you said about our live Library Chat service?

"Very attentive response told me exactly what I needed to know, excellent!"
"Super friendly, super helpful. Really appreciated it! :)"
"Useful information and instant response."
"I absolutely love the live chat system."

Service Charter

We value and respect our diverse range of users and our service charter represents our agreement with you, outlining our commitment to our users.

Customer Service Excellence

UCL Library Services has achieved Customer Service Excellence Accreditation, a government standard awarded by the Cabinet Office.

Customer Service Excellence Logo

To achieve Customer Service Excellence (CSE), organisations are assessed against 57 criteria in the areas of Customer Insight, the Culture of the Organisation, Information and Access, Delivery and Timeliness, and Quality of Service. Most organisations pass with only partial accreditation in some criteria, but the library had full compliance in all criteria – an excellent achievement for UCL.

The assessment consisted of a desktop exercise where 130 pieces of documentary evidence were submitted to the CSE Assessor as well as a two-day on-site Assessment. The Assessment involved visits to libraries, observation, presentations by Library colleagues and meetings with academic staff, students and partners in ISD and Student and Registry Services.

The Accreditation process runs in a three-year cycle and there are two Annual Review visits to ensure that CSE is used effectively as a tool for continuous improvement.

“We have been informed that we have achieved CSE Accreditation with full compliance in all 57 criteria which is a significant achievement for a Division of our size – the first, we believe, in UCL to obtain such Accreditation. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to such a successful outcome.”

Peter Dennison (Head of Customer Service)