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LLB Bachelor of Laws (UCL) and LLB Bachelor of Laws (HKU)

With growing demand worldwide for lawyers qualified in more than one jurisdiction, this programme gives students the opportunity to acquire detailed knowledge of Hong Kong law

UCAS course code: M103

Involving two years of study at UCL and two years of study in Hong Kong at the University of Hong Kong (HKU), this programme leads to the award of both the Bachelor of Laws honours degree from UCL and a Bachelor of Laws degree from HKU.

The programme allows students to experience study abroad and thus engage with different cultures and regional legal perspectives, and to engage in vocational placements both at UCL and in Hong Kong. A great benefit of the programme is professional skills development for future legal practice in both jurisdictions.


Years one and two are largely identical to the three-year LLB degree, except that students must take an additional compulsory extra-curricular placement in the UCL Centre for Access to Justice. Years three and four are spent at HKU studying towards the LLB. Year four will also include a vocational internship to be taken in Hong Kong in the summer of the fourth year.

The Access to Justice placement, organised and overseen by the UCL Centre for Access to Justice, forms an important part of your HKU-UCL dual degree programme. The placement must be completed during your first year at UCL and accounts for 12 HKU credits.

It is an excellent opportunity for you to learn more about the principles of access to justice underpinning the role of law in society. You will also develop skills in becoming reflective practitioners as you begin to put your newly acquired legal knowledge to practical use in the community.

The projects may vary each year, but recent projects include volunteering at the UCL Legal Advice Clinic and teaching students in local schools about human rights.

All of our undergraduate programmes are recognised by two main legal professional bodies, the Bar Council and the Law Society, for the purpose of exemption from the academic stage of their professional examinations.

Year 1

Prior to the start of teaching, you will be required to complete our two-week induction programme: Laws' Connections: Legal Doctrine and Contemporary Challenges.

Laws' Connections is designed to be an inspiring introduction to the study of law here at UCL Laws, and to the role of law in addressing social challenges. It has two elements:

  1. Introduction to the Study of Law
  2. Case Studies

Students will each take two case studies in their first two weeks at UCL on subjects such as climate change, homelessness, the gig economy, medical accidents and the family home.   In the case studies, we shall think hard about the role of lawyers and law in addressing significant social problems and introduce some important legal ideas and concepts, and also some important legal skills. You shall also of course get to know the people you will be studying with for the coming years.

You will then take four compulsory modules during year one of the programme:

  • Contract Law (30 credits)
  • Criminal Law (30 credits)
  • Property Law I (30 credits)
  • Public Law (30 credits)

During the first year there will also be a compulsory extra-curricular placement at the UCL Centre for Access to Justice (accounting for 12 HKU credits).

Year 2

During year two of the programme, you will take four compulsory modules:

  • European Union Law (30 credits)
  • Jurisprudence and Legal Theory (30 credits)
  • Property Law II (30 credits)
  • Tort Law (30 credits)
Year 3 & 4

The third and fourth years of study are spent at HKU, studying towards their LLB in accordance with the host university’s requirements for the degree programme. During this time, students will be registered as full-time undergraduates of HKU.  You will need to pay the relevant fees directly to HKU.

During the two years of study at HKU, you will study the following modules, totalling 168 credits with 84 credits in each academic year:

  • Introduction to Chinese Law (6 credits)
  • Practical Chinese for Law Students (6 credits)
  • The Legal System of Hong Kong SAR (6 credits)
  • Constitutional Law (6 credits)
  • Law and Society (6 credits)
  • Legal Research & Writing I (6 credits)
  • Legal Research & Writing II (6 credits)
  • Commercial Law (6 credits)
  • Common Core 1 (6 credits)
  • Common Core 2 (6 credits)
  • Common Core 3 (6 credits)
  • Common Core 4 (6 credits)
  • Business Associations (6 credits)
  • Dissertation (12 credits)
  • Mooting and Dispute Resolution (6 credits)
  • Disciplinary Electives [1] (30 credits)
  • Free Electives [2] (30 credits)
  • HKU Legal Internship (12 credits)

[1]  Law electives. Students who intend to do the PCLL course must take Land Law III, Civil Procedure, Criminal Procedure and Evidence (24 credits in total) as part of their disciplinary electives.

[2] Electives are courses offered by any Faculty of the University, including Law Faculty.

Please note: Students enrolled on this programme will not be permitted to transfer to the three-year LLB degree (subject to exceptional circumstances). 

More information

You may be considered for the M100 LLB Law if you are unsuccessful in gaining a spot on M103 LLB Bachelor of Laws (UCL) and LLB Bachelor of Laws (HKU). If you wish to be considered for the M100 in addition to M103 please let us know at the time you submit your UCAS application, this should be done via email, stating your UCAS ID to admissions.laws@ucl.ac.uk 

For further programme information, including programme-specific entry requirements, visit the UCL Prospectus site.

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