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Intellectual property

Patents, trade marks, copyright, designs, confidential information, unfair competition

This theme looks at the role that intellectual property (IP) plays in promoting technological progress, economic growth, cultural diversity and fair but competitive markets. Researchers working in this area are interested in broad range of perspectives on intellectual property law, policy and practice including the proper subject matter and scope of patent protection, patents for new pharmaceutical products, standard essential patents and FRAND licensing; appropriate balancing of the interests of brand owners, consumers, users and competitors in trade mark law, unintentional and undesirable overlap between IP rights, ‘authorship’ and ‘inventorship’ of IP by AI, as well as copyright’s relevance to the digital economy and its relationship with human rights. Research is undertaken using a range of methodologies, including doctrinal, theoretical, comparative, empirical, historical and cross-disciplinary approaches.

The Faculty’s research in this area is bolstered by the complementary activities of the Institute of Brand and Innovation Law (IBIL) - one of one of only a small number of UK-based university research centres which have a sole focus on intellectual property law. IBIL enjoys an international reputation and delivers global impact based upon its ability to build bridges between IP academics, industry, the judiciary and policy makers from around the world. It achieves this via its lively programme of workshops, seminars and events, including the prestigious Sir Hugh Laddie Lecture Series and the biennial international conference -  Patents in Telecoms and the Internet of Things. It also maintains links with UCL Laws alumni and creates new links with practitioners and industry with its award-winning CPD courses relating to intellectual property agreements and privacy/data management. 


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