UCL Faculty of Laws


Human relations

Work, family, religion, health

Research in this theme is concerned with how the law applies to human relations including work, families, religion and health.

Our academics interested in this theme examine labour market regulation and issues of labour migration, equality and discrimination, social security law, gender issues and feminist perspectives in law, ethical practice in healthcare. Researchers in this area have specialised knowledge in human rights and labour law, child and family law, relocation disputes, law and religion, family finance disputes, and issues of discrimination and equality. Some of the work in this area takes a comparative approach and uses doctrinal and empirical methodologies to understand the practice and theoretical basis of the law. Other related work takes a theoretical or philosophical approach to the law. 

Work in this area is supported by the the UCL Labour Rights Institute, which promotes teaching and research in labour law subjects, including individual and collective labour law, anti-discrimination, and equality law from domestic, European to international levels and with a comparative approach. The UCL Institute of Human Rights, a multidisciplinary centre focussed on human rights standard-setting, interpretation and application both domestically and internationally, equally informs much of the work undertaken in this area.


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