UCL Faculty of Laws


Philosophy and history

Jurisprudence, legal theory, legal history

Our academics work on a range of topics related to this theme, including modern legal history; Roman law; international legal theory and history; critical theory; feminist theory; post-colonial theory; queer theory; the theory and philosophy of criminal law; and the philosophy of human rights and of labour law. They seek to understand legal developments which are crucial to how law operates in this country today, including the history of common-law reasoning and its interaction with legal theory; common opinion as a source of law from the thirteenth to sixteenth centuries; and the dissemination of legal knowledge in early-modern England.

Much of this work benefits from interdisciplinary collaboration with other Faculties and research groups across UCL. The UCL Institute for Law, Politics and Philosophy, a collaborative partnership between UCL Laws, the UCL School of Public Policy and the Department of Philosophy, is a thriving hub for cross-disciplinary activity including colloquia, seminars and discussion groups.

UCL Laws also supports the Bentham Project, dedicated to the study of Jeremy Bentham, a key founding member of UCL who championed ideas and policies including utilitarianism, democracy and access to education.


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