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The research themes presented here highlight broad areas of inquiry that are currently of interest to UCL Faculty of Laws’ community of academics, researchers and PhDs. It aims to group together methodologies and substantive fields in which we as a Faculty have particular strengths, providing an overview of key work undertaken here.

Many of the subject areas outlined below have cross-cutting relevance, and by grouping them in this way we aim to enable anyone interested in UCL Laws to explore the main areas we work in based on thematic interests. We hope it will help prospective students and PhD students, research funders, potential collaborators, and employers find what they are interested in.

30 St Mary Axe also known as The Gherkin viewed from the South side of the Thames

Business and markets

Companies, competition, finance

Moot Court, a mock courtroom at Bentham House

Empirical legal studies

Judges, courts, the professions, access to justice

A close up of tree bark


Environmental law and the law relating to sustainability

A people paper chain standing on a surface

Human relations

Work, family, religion, health

Light bulbs hanging from a ceiling

Intellectual property

Patents, trade marks, copyright, designs, confidential information, unfair competition

A large white building with a sign

International institutions and laws

Public and private international laws

A statue of Aristotle looking into the distance

Philosophy and history

Jurisprudence, legal theory, legal history

A toy model of houses and buildings

Property and obligations

Private and commercial law

A magnifying glass held up in front of a pinboard with various papers attached

Public and criminal law

Public law and criminal law

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Light bulbs - photo by Shayna Douglas on Unsplash