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UCL Health Justice Partnership

"Law is both a social determinant of health and a remedy for addressing health inequalities.” - Professor Dame Hazel Genn, Director, National Strategy for Health Justice Partnership, UCL

This is an overview of the National Strategy for Health Justice Partnerships at UCL. Please visit our full website for more information.

What are Health Justice Partnerships? 

Health Justice Partnerships are collaborations between health services and organisations specialising in welfare rights. Welfare rights include those relating to benefits, debt, housing, employment, immigration, education and community care. In Health Justice Partnerships, advice on these issues is integrated with patient care. This helps to tackle social and economic circumstances that are strongly harmful to health and are root causes of health inequality.

Health Justice Partnerships

Health Justice Partnerships exist across the UK. Some are local, covering a small area or single site. Others serve wider counties and regions. They exist in many types of health services, including:

  • GP practices
  • Hospitals
  • Mental health services
  • Hospices
  • Maternity services
  • … and more

They bring together health teams with welfare rights professionals, to address complex individual needs and work towards health equity and social justice.

About us

Our ambition is to stimulate wider action on health inequalities through the law to tackle social determinants of health. We aim to support the development and sustainability of health justice partnerships across the UK and strengthen research and education in the field.

We focus on:

Our current research projects include:

Read about our previous projects over the years on our website.

Our work contributes to a National Strategy for Health Justice Partnership funded by The Legal Education Foundation.