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Information for Practitioners

This page provides information for professionals working in Health Justice Partnerships, or those interested in setting up Partnerships.

For an introduction to Health Justice Partnerships, visit the About Health Justice Partnerships page.

Professional network

Our Health Justice Partnerships Group on the Health Equity Network is available for practitioners who wish to build their network and find out more from those already working in Health Justice Partnerships. This Guide provides information on how to join the Group.

Learning Resources

For further literature on Health Justice Partnerships, visit our Research page. We also educate students on various degrees at UCL and provide professional training and education materials. Please see our Education and Training page for more information.

Please feel free to contact us at health-justice@ucl.ac.uk if you would like to meet and discuss how we can support your work.


Our Implementation Guide provides information on:

  • the different ways Health Justice Partnerships can be set up
  • how to ensure good practice
  • how to go about establishing Partnerships
  • the different sources of funding and challenges with sustainable funding
  • the importance of service evaluation and how to set it up
  • links to relevant research and information

The Health Justice Partnerships in the NHS leaflet provides a brief overview in the context of the NHS, specific to the UK.

The Money & Pensions Service and National Academy for Social Prescribing Guide focuses on how legal welfare advice can be embedded into Social Prescribing.

Useful links

Resources for Supporting Individuals